2018 Raiders Prospect Profile

Name: Duke Ejiofor

Position: DE

School: Wake Forest

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 275 pounds



Pass Rush

Ejiofor’s primary job is to travel upfield. In passing situation, he turns up the intensity. If the down and distance tilts towards the defense, Ejiofor will raise his level of aggression. That’s to say, on third and long; he will take chance in his rush, lining up much further outside the tackle. This opens up his toolbox to every move in his arsenal.

Run Stuffing

During his time at Wake Forest, Ejiofor arrived raw. Now that he is gone, he leaves more refined. Yet, he still has work to do in this aspect. On misdirection plays, he will crash down in anticipation. With strong coaching and reps, he will learn to let his eyes slow the game down. However, when he guesses correctly, Ejiofor makes the stop. By knifing through multiple blocks, he makes his presences known in the run game.


Around the edge, Ejiofor possesses the burst of a 4-3 end. When he loops around the tackle, he keeps an even stride en route to the quarterback. In addition, chasing the ball to the sidelines, Ejiofor uses an elongated stride to chase down the ballcarrier.

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At Wake Forest, Ejiofor used quick and technique to win. In the NFL, he must learn leverage to also win one-on-ones. As of now, Ejiofor’s pad level rises too quickly, prevented the ability to generate proper bull rushes.


For a college standout, Ejiofor uses all of the tools at his disposal. Literally, he shows no fear in unleashing any move at any time. Like a boxer that sets up opponents with certain punches and counters, Ejiofor brings an array of tools.

  1. The Rip: He uses this earlier in games to set the stage for later on. Ejiofor’s arm length presents a problem for tackles. Moreover, he follows up with keeping his feet moving.


  1. The Spin: When Ejiofor goes to this move, he will vary its execution. At times, he gets the tackle to lean on their outside foot with an outside move. Then Ejiofor dips inside, lowering his pad level.


  1. The Swim: Ejiofor gets that hand away in an instant. When a tackle cannot get a firm punch, they are susceptible to quickness. Under the consequences, Ejiofor prevails.


Scheme Fit

The Raiders will probably ask Ejiofor to operate in passing situations. In that case, he gets meaningful reps and places him in the best possible position for success. Ejiofor’s size and quickness will show immediately. As a result, he can work on fine-tuning his run pursuit and bull rush. While he will surf through trash and sniff out screens, the Raiders need him to get to the quarterback. Ejiofor presents Oakland with a sound Day 2 option. Additionally, Khalil Mack gets a bookend.



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