2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: CB Anthony Averett

2018 Raiders Prospect Profile

Name: Anthony Averett

Position: CB

School: Alabama

Height: 6’

Weight: 185 pounds

Projected Round: 2-3



Averett’s breezy running style keeps him stride for stride with receivers. That is to say, regardless of vertical route, he possesses the ability to maintain coverage. Similarly, he drives on shorter routes with equal success. Also, his speed helps him flow through screen and blitz with uncanny ability for a corner. Most backs and lineman can slide quick enough to pick him up.



Despite his lithe frame, Averett plays with physicality. His feistiness does not stop at the initial jam. Averett relishes the opportunity to handfight down the field to jockey for position. On inside patterns, he undercuts without drawing a flag. For deep routes, Averett will get into the body of the receiver, but will turn his head to track the ball, avoiding penalty.

However, one area that needs work is the jam. While Averett is fast enough to avoid using it, having that tool at his disposal would help. Not to mention, that split second would give the pass rush more time to get home.

Ball Skills

Despite only snaring one pick in three years in Tuscaloosa, Averett managed to bat sixteen passes. His speed, with intensive coaching should see him improve in this area. At times, Averett will zero in on the opponent and not the ball.



For a lighter corner, Averett shows no fear or hesitation with tackling. Despite weighing only 185 pounds, he uses textbook wrap and drive. Whether it is a receiver, back, or rushing the passer, Averett keep his head up, shoulders square and tackles through the target.


Raiders Fit

When the Raiders hired Derrick Ansley to coach the secondary, Averett’s name jumped to mind. Ansley coached Averett at Alabama. As a result, the relationship already exists. Instead of trying to build a rapport over the summer, Ansley and Averett can work on improving the corner’s game.

On the field, the Raiders have a desperate need for playmaking corners. Earlier this week, they released David Amerson. With a healthy Gareon Conley and a slew of uncertainty, the Raiders must draft quality corners. Averett provides a twitchy, athletic player than can run with the best in the division. If the Raiders truly want to renovate the secondary, pieces like Averett fit.