2018 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: PJ Hall

Position: DT

School: Sam Houston State

Height: 6’

Weight: 308

Projected Round: 6



289 tackles

36.5 sacks

86.5 TFL

29 PBU

14 blocked kicks

9 forced fumbles


Pass Rush

First, Hall’s game starts with power. He plays the way he is built. As a result, he collapses the pocket on his way to the quarterback. While his repertoire may not contain great variety, Hall gets the job done with what he is blessed with. Despite his overwhelming strength at the point of attack, Hall also wins with a quick first step. If a lineman does not get a proper rise from his stance, Hall will gain the side and win the battle. In that case, the lineman has two choices: accept defeat or hold. During his years at SHSU, Hall tallied 36.5 sacks. That screams potential.


Run Stuffing

As mentioned, Hall gets to the passer with brute force coupled with burst. More importantly, he plays the run with equal skill. Using his obvious leverage advantage, Hall drives blockers into running lanes. In college, Hall lined up at end, set the edge, and could make a play on the perimeter. While he will not be asked to do that at the next level, the attention to stopping the run is there. Fifty TFL regarding the run game bear this out.


Although Hall lacks the NFL measureables for height and weight for a disruptive tackle, he will ragdoll and brutalize guards with power. His bull rush stands blockers straight up. With that move, he negates any forward momentum. Instead, he drives them into the quarterback’s lap. With the pocket caved in, Hall disengages and finds the ball carrier



Despite standing six feet tall, Hall moves well. For example, he blocked fourteen kicks in college. In addition, he batted down 29 passes. Hall times his jump well.


Normally, stout DT will use their girth to land on the ballcarrier. However, Hall will drive the opponent into the turf with anger. On the hand, Hall uses his hand and natural bend to make a stop. His hands remain strong and active during the process. Consequently, Hall forced nine fumbles in his career.


Raiders Fit

For the better part of a half decade, the Raiders continue to search for an interior playmaker. The disruptive force in the middle continues to elude them. With Hall figuring to land in the sixth round, he gives them a low-risk, high reward option on Day 3. Hall’s strength and willingness to occupy and defeat multiple blockers will provide Khalil Mack single blocking on the outside. For the first time during his tenure, Reggie McKenzie does not have to spend premier draft capital on a defensive tackle with upside. From day one, PJ Hall gives the Raiders versatility and power inside. In reality, Hall would free up a roster spot and claim snaps.


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