Chiefs Draft Targets: Rasheem Green

Chiefs draft prospect Rasheem Green

Name: Rasheem Green

Position: Defensive Lineman

School: USC

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 280


The thing that jumps out on tape is how consistent Green looks when he is rushing the passer. His nice footwork allows him to get through blocks while rushing up the field, but also Green moves really well side to side. To go along with his footwork, Green uses his hands well to get off of blocks when pass rushing. Green’s feet are definitely one of his biggest strengths, but him motor is what really makes him shine along the defensive line. When you combine Green’s physicality and smarts, he can dominate a game all by himself up front.


Green is not a terrible run defender, but he can sure make offensive linemen look silly when he is rushing the passer. Green’s hand usage and the choppy way that he runs consistently helps him rub off of linemen and get to the quarterback. Add all that in with his decent amount of speed for a defensive linemen, and quarterbacks are forced to get rid of the ball quickly. Green also rushes at a really nice pad level.

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Self Control

This may not seem that important when you look at prospects during draft season, but Green shows patience. While watching tape, Green either makes a play or not, then goes right back to the defense for another play. The little things like that can help Green see more reps, while his talent becomes more polished.

Chiefs Fit: When I first saw Rasheem Green’s tape and thought of how he would fit in the with the Chiefs, my first thought was Chris Jones. Green is not quite as big as Jones, but his talent is certainly there, but he is raw as well. That’s what the Jones was coming out of Mississippi State. Jones has really worked well to improve his fundamentals, and Green could be a work in progress just like him. The Chiefs are trying to get younger on defense. This pick would not only add talent, but it would also add needed depth along the defensive line.





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