Derrick Johnson’s time has come to an end in Kansas City. The Chiefs continue their plan to head into 2018, by getting younger. So far,  the Chiefs traded Alex Smith to the Redskins, Darrelle Revis has been released, and now Johnson will enter free agency. The Chiefs owed Johnson $8 million in 2018. As a result, athey voided his contract. So now, the Chiefs have cleared up $35 million just by moving on from those three veteran players.

It’s no doubt that Derrick Johnson will go down as one of the best defensive players in Chiefs history. H He accomplished all that, along with overcoming two torn Achilles injuries. Also, since entering in 2005, Johnson has the second most tackles in the entire NFL. In that time span, Johnson’s tackles are more than twice as many tackles as the next closest Chiefs defender. Johnson remains one of the best formed tacklers in recent memory.

One day, Johnson will eventually get a chance for his moment of honor. However, he still plans to play in 2018 and beyond. “I plan on playing for several more years because I love this game so much, but I look forward to retiring as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs when my career is over,” Johnson said. Obviously, most free agents at Johnson’s age (35) usually try to go to the best place where they think they can win a Super Bowl ring. Will it be Belichick brining him to Foxborough? Or will Johnson head to the Steel City? That would be very tough for Chiefs fans to see, but they have seen major shakeups in Kansas City before.


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