With the resigning deadline approaching fast, I’m here to give my personal opinion about the Colts 2018 pending free agents.

Frank Gore; Running Back.

The veteran running back who was signed from free agency from the 49ers has been a solid and reliable weapon for the Colts these past few years. Although he has been so good for the past few years, I think the Colts let him go back to his roots. (given the 49ers offer on him.) If Frank Gore does not retire this year as a Colt, I strongly believe that he will go back to San Francisco if given the chance.

Darius Butler; Free Safety.

If I had the chance to Interview Darius Butler like I did Pierre Desir, and asked him what the biggest mistake of his career was, I have a feeling he’d say switching to free safety instead of staying at the cornerback position. As good as he’s been these years for the Colts, I think it’s time to let go of the guy. In my eyes, it’s the same situation as Mike Adams last year. As ironic as it is I also see him getting a bid from the Panthers but not as a free safety but as a cornerback for a cheap deal.

Adam Vinatieri; Kicker.

Really? Is this even a question? Next! Seriously though, I see the Colts keeping him till he retires for one-year deals at a time.

Kamar Aiken; Wide Receiver.

As much as I wish this guy was a big-time playmaker for the Colts this year because he signed my hat week one vs the Rams, sadly he couldn’t perform well at all. And No, him signing my hat wasn’t the only reason I wanted him to do well. This past year Kamar proved that he can’t catch that well, that being said I think it will be either a no deal or a cheap deal situation for the Colts.

Barkevious Mingo; Linebacker.

Barkevious was a great sub in replacement linebacker when needed when linebacker John Simon was out. He is an agile and quick pass rushing linebacker but I think with his skill set he could become a great coverage linebacker and is a good fit for outside linebacker in the new 4-3 scheme.

Scott Tolzien; Quarter Back?

Week 1: 9/18, 128 yards, one pick, one pick six. No.

Jack Mewhort; Offensive Guard.

Jack Mewhort has been arguably the Colts’ best offensive lineman these past couple years but has had a tough time staying healthy. If the rumors about Jack Mewhort retiring are not true, I think he should get a cheap two-three year deal or decent one-year deal.

Pierre Desir; Cornerback.

Pierre Desir was able to step up when his name was called and when he got his first starting snap this season he picked off Big Ben Roethlisberger. He sadly got injured week 13 vs the Jacksonville Jaguars with a torn pectoral, but I think him and Rahsaan Melvin would be a great duo this upcoming season. Also, he was cool enough to do an interview with me.

Rashaan Melvin; Cornerback.

What a season Rashaan had. If it wasn’t for him the Colts’ cornerback group would not have been as good as it was. Melvin came in and stepped up big time and was a great kick down corner this past season. He is at a decent age but the most I see him getting is a four-year deal.

Jon Bostic; Linebacker.

Jon Bostic had a good season and did better as the season went on. He was able to progress as a coverage guy and tackler. Not to mention he is the Colts best linebacker as of now. Bostic would also be a great mentor for the pack of rookie linebackers that Chris Ballard said he will be drafting.

Micheal Person; Center/Guard.

Person did a great job filling in, but he is a bit too old to get a long-term deal so I think he will get a short-term deal.

Brandon Williams; Tight End.

At this point, he needs to retire. For his health and future, he needs to.

Donte Moncrief; Wide Receiver.

I’d rather have my colleague answer this one.


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