2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: OT Jamarco Jones

Oakland Raiders draft prospect Jamarco Jones

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Jamarco Jones

Position: OT

School: Ohio State

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 312 pounds


Pass Blocking

Regardless of the rusher, Jones maintains a sturdy base. For example, versus speed ends, he will not cheat to the outside. Instead, he maintains positioning with his feet and not the hands. Similarly, versus the aggressive bull rush, Jones will attack the upper sternum. As a result, the rusher cannot achieve full arm extension. From there, Jones wins the leverage battle.

Run Blocking

In the run game, Jones will downblock with authority, clearing out an entire side for the runner. Equally important, Jones keeps his feet churning and finishes the run block. Opponents that cannot quickly disengage will be washed out of the running lane. However, Jones needs to use a quicker get-off at the snap.


Often, Jones flashes this power versus single-move rushers. When he stones the first move, Jones anchors and drives the defender to the ground. At the next level, he will need to use a quicker punch. With that said, sacrificing a little more for strength will help him.

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Jones’ feet will probably land him at left tackle. Despite facing quicker ends, Jones will slide to meet them. If a rusher strings together his moves, Jones can recover to meet him on the inside as well. In addition, Jones flashes the ability to get to the second level and meet linebackers.

Raiders Fit

When Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie sit down, they must examine the offensive line talent on the roster. As constructed, the Raiders have one reliable, above-average tackle. Donald Penn cannot play forever. In addition, nothing on the right side works for Oakland.

The Raiders have tackle issues. Granted, they drafted Jylan Ware and David Sharpe in 2017 to fill holes. However, neither currently looks able to step in and play. Actually, Tom Cable will exert his influence of the construction of the line. Jones’ power and quick feet could give the Raiders a young, skilled tackle to step in from the first moment. In addition, the Raiders can use Jones on the right side until Penn is ready to retire. Until then, the right side, when facing Miller, Houston, and Bosa twice per season requires agility. Former OL coach Mike Tice preferred slow-footed maulers. Jamarco Jones could fall to the Raiders on Day 2.


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