Should the Bears trade for Marcus Peters?

Former Chiefs CB Marcus Peters
Sep 17, 2017; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters (22) reacts to a call during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone’s favorite flag-tossing cornerback Marcus Peters could reportedly be on the trading block following the Chiefs’ acquisition of Kendall Fuller. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports that he has been “hear[ing] chatter” that Peters may be moved.

If true, this would be a shocking move by Kansas City’s front office. While it’s a safe assumption much of this decision is due to character issues, Peters is definitely one of the league’s most polished defensive backs and has a proven track record as such. That statement isn’t able to be said about anyone in the draft this year.

Matt Verderame, an NFL insider for Fansided, has rebuked these reports, expressing it would take a “king’s ransom” to pry Peters away from Kansas City.

That being said, it is very interesting to see the Chiefs’ sudden push to fortify their secondary. Not only did they acquire Kendall Fuller from Washington in the Alex Smith trade, but they have also reportedly agreed to sign former Raiders corner David Amerson.

While that could just be chalked up to depth, trying to compete around essentially a rookie quarterback is a risky proposition and not one which there seems to be precedent for the Chiefs to pull off. There’s definitely no guarantee that Marcus Peters will be traded, but it isn’t off the table by any means.

Now, what would that aforementioned “king’s ransom” be?

Peters has one year remaining on his contract, not including the 5th year option which will be undoubtedly exercised. Unluckily for other teams, this doesn’t decrease his price. Trading for two years of an elite cornerback on a team-friendly contract is in no way going to be cheap, by any means.

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Much discussion amongst fans has been that Peters’ price is a second round pick. Sorry to say it, but that isn’t happening. That price is way too low and for a very simple reason. Is there anyone fully confident that Minkah Fitzpatrick, the top cornerback in the draft this year, will ever be as good as Marcus Peters is right now?

You can’t be. And that is the sole reason why Marcus Peters, if dealt, is going to corral way more than a second round pick. Given the current climate of the NFL, players with Peters’ talent do not ever come available for trade very often. It is laughable to think that Marcus Peters can be had for peanuts.

However, if Brett Veech misevaluates his talent and does deal Peters for less than he should, the Bears should be all over it.

While he does fill a major hole, at the likely current asking price, the Bears are not getting Marcus Peters. It’s a fair assumption to say that any trade involving Marcus Peters begins with a second-round pick and incredible young talent. While it isn’t clear who that young talent would be, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Chiefs try to add insurance in their secondary with Eddie Jackson. Like I said, it isn’t going to be cheap.

If that hypothetical deal is the true offer, Ryan Pace should hang up the phone. If Kansas City asks for the Bears’ first-rounder, Pace should consider. However, ultimately, a general manager has to trust his scouting department. While Peters is on a team-friendly contract, a rookie has five years of control. Three more than Peters.

Unless Peters’ personality is way more volatile than I have estimated, there isn’t going to be a deal beneficial to both the Bears and the Chiefs. That being said, if the Bears make the long-talked-about hypothetical deal with the Buffalo Bills, that all changes.

Trading for both the 21st and 22nd pick allows the Bears to deal one of them with a later pick, possibly one of the two fourth rounders, for Peters. While it may take a bit more than that to entice Kansas City, that deal is at least within the realm of possibility. Anything else is not.

Who knows, though. Peters’ value may have gone up last season now that’s he’s a viable backup quarterback.



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