I had the pleasure to sit down today with Cole Reyes, safety from North Dakota. Reyes is a projected 5-7th round prospect. He is a big safety with excellent IQ. Check out the full scouting report here.

Let’s get into the interview!

Question One: How are you preparing for the NFL draft?

I’m training up at EXOS at the Pensacola, FL location. With a great group of guys who make each other better everyday.

Question Two: What did you learn from your disappointing, early injury this season, and how are you feeling? How has the recovery process been?

Yeah, the injury was very disappointing. It just showed me that nothing is promised in this game. Obviously it affected my draft stock, but I use that as motivation. I believe I am capable of being a great player and have a very high confidence in myself.

Question Three: What is your biggest strength which will help you dominate on the next level?

I believe the biggest strength of my game is my IQ and feel for the game. I feel like I know the game and each opponent very well.

Question Four: What is the part of your game that you want to improve the most before the draft?

The part I want to improve the most would probably be covering the slots. I’m used to playing down in the box over TEs and in the middle roaming.

Question Five: The Colts have one of the youngest defensive units in the NFL, and a completely new staff. How would you fit into the new, 4-3 style defense?

I’ve been playing football since I was 6, with multiple different defensive schemes. I’ve always been a guy in the book who loves to learn and prepare the right way. I think I would fit in just fine anywhere they would need me.

A big thank you goes out to Cole Reyes for taking the time to talk to us. All of us at FPC Colts are rooting for you, and best of luck in the draft! Follow Cole Reyes on Twitter @ColeReyes_8 and on Instagram @Cole_Reyes8.

Ben Pfeifer is the Managing Editor of the Colts for Full Press Coverage, the AFC South Division Editor, and head NBA editor. Want to continue the discussion? Contact Ben Pfeifer on Twitter @Ben_Pfeifer_ and @FPC_Colts.



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