2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Deontay Burnett

Position: WR

School: USC

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 170 pounds



Regardless of throw position, Burnett adjusts to the play. As a result, smooth applies to his catching style. With rare double-catchers, Burnett solely focuses on the ball. In that case, he snares the ball with a quick stab, opening his hands just enough to grab it. To his credit, Burnett will compete for the ball, in and out of traffic. Only 170 pounds, Burnett will stick his nose into traffic to make a catch.


Burnett plays with explosion from every receiver spot. On longer routes, Burnett appears to display that extra boost. On a flat-out run, Burnett possesses excellent speed down the field. More importantly, he gets a clean relase and beats a jam. His first step on a go or post is sudden. In turn, the second step does not lose any steam. If Burnett sees early time, teams will need to provide safety help over the top. If not, Burnett could be a headache.

Route Running/Tree:

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Due to the threat of Burnett’s deep speed, his tree opens up the entire field. First, examine the various types of screens that can spring Burnett down the sideline. Next, singled up in the slot, Burnett shreds a corner with the double move. When a DB expects the out, he will slightly cheat in that direction. In hopes of anticipating will ultimately cost them, as Burnett darts inside. On crossers, Burnett’s quickness causes just enough separation to create daylight. During his time at USC, Burnett saw time in the slot. Wherever he lines up, the ball finds him.


Raiders Fit:

Michael Crabtree’s status remains up in the air. Granted, Jon Gruden sounded like Crabtree would return. Yet, drafting Burnett on the second day would benefit the Raiders. For example, the talk of lining up in the slot requires another outside threat. Burnett would give the Raiders a deep threat that can actually catch the ball. The only true knock on him is his slight frame. While not the burner DeSean Jackson is, Burnett brings a vertical threat.

With Jon Gruden bringing a form of the West Coast offense to the Raiders, teams may sit underneath and dare Oakland to test their secondary vertically. In addition, Derek Carr needs that big threat in order to work underneath. In essence, a player like Burnett would give the running game more space as well. Moreover, tight ends could see increased targets.

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