2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Micah Kiser

Position: MLB

School: Virginia

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 240 pounds



At first, Kiser’s tape shows the uncanny to sniff out and make sound tackles. From the snap, Kiser anticipates where the ball goes. When he contacts the ballcarrier, he brings the ability to stop the play cold. Kiser hits behind his pads, using a plant step before tackling. As a result, he fully commits to the play. Therefore, the ballcarrier has no choice, but to fall. During his time at Virginia, Kiser racked up 408 tackles.


For a linebacker, Kiser plays the power game well. For instance, he will barrel through a running back’s block to get upfield. On the other hand, he will stand up linemen with a bull rush. Under those consequences, he gets the most out of his 240-pound frame.


Despite posting a 4.66 40 time, Kiser’s game does not lend itself to fluid burst. However, his time and tape show adequate speed to make plays, whether in traffic or the short perimeter.


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As mentioned, Kiser is not on the field to dazzle with twitchy play. On the other hand, we can slide into a gap, or meet an opponent on the edge. If he maintains just average nimbleness, it will not hurt his overall game. To his credit, Kiser never tries to do too much athletically.

Block Shedding

With an array of moves, Kiser will either slip or outright muscle blockers. From a thudding club to the ability to subtlety roll past slow hands, Kiser invites and defeats the blocker.

Raiders Fit

If the Raiders do re-sign NaVorro Bowman, Brown remains an option. In reality, a Bowman deal will be a two-year commitment. In that case, his replacement will be already on the roster. If Oakland does not bring Bowman back, Kiser can step in to the middle linebacker role. Despite not possessing flashy tape or skills, Kiser is a sound, powerful tackler that enhances a defense. Either way, the Raiders need quality linebacking depth. With Marquel Lee looking lost and the team scrambling to fill out the depth chart, Kiser makes sense. Under Bowman’s tutelage, Kiser could learn the nuances of the game.

Additionally, Kiser fits the middle linebacker prototype for Paul Guenther’s defense. The scheme requires a downhill MLB to make plays around the line and show the ability to control the second level. Kiser gives the Raiders a Day Three linebacker with starting potential.

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