The woman who appeared in a viral video with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. insists that he did not use any illegal drugs. At the same time, she refused to comment on whether or not drugs were present.

Laura Cuenca, an aspiring French model, told the New York Daily News that Beckham didn’t use any illegal drugs.

“No. He did not take any drugs!” Cuenca wrote in her native French during a private conversation with the Daily News on Instagram.

A video surfaced Friday of Beckham and Cuenca in a hotel room. The three second clip features Beckham holding something that resembles a thick brown cigar in his left hand, fueling speculation the cigar was filled with marijuana. The camera quickly pans to a woman sitting next to Beckham holding what looks like a credit card in front of a white, powdery substance.

When asked what Beckham was holding, Cuenca said it was “a piece of pizza”. The clip also shows an uneaten pepperoni pizza on the bed next to Beckham. She neither confirmed nor denied if the white powdery substance was indeed cocaine or if there were other drugs present.

Beckham’s voice is also heard in the clip, saying something about “trying to get you to sleep with…’ before the video cuts off.

Cuenca was first identified by her Instagram account which is under the name @ellnc by the website Black Sports Online. She said she met Beckham, who is in Europe for a Nike-sponsored tour, at Le Queen, a Paris nightclub.

According to Cuenca, the video was recorded Thursday around 6 a.m. local time via Snapchat.

Cuenca said she didn’t know who Beckham was until after she uploaded the video. Once Beckham told her who he was, he asked her to take the video down. She also said someone from the Giants organization contacted her since the video was released but she didn’t comment on what was discussed.

In Beckham’s defense, there are some who suggest the clip is not recent because he doesn’t have tattoos on his wrist. Beckham himself took to Twitter after the video began making its rounds on social media, suggesting the clip is “old news”.

After seeing Beckham’s tweet, Cuenca firmly denied it was in the past and said it was a recent video. The Giants told the Daily News they are aware of the video but had no further comment. Zeke Sandhu, Beckham’s agent, could not be reached for comment.

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