Perhaps, he should needs the name Professor Rich Bisaccia. Not only idoes he serve as head coach Jon Gruden’s top lieutenant, many regard him as an exemplary instructor. It is no wonder the new Oakland Raiders special teams’ boss (and assistant head coach) has so much sway in Alameda.

Oakland inked his former Cowboys pupils in linebacker Kyle Wilber, fullback Keith Smith and return man Dwayne Harris. In this case, it ensures Bisaccia enjoys a quality toolbox at his disposal this coming. The impact he had in Big D is resounding.

“He’s a great teacher, connects with the players”, said Dallas head coach Jason Garrett. “I think Keith (Smith) saw that up close each and every day. It is not only a scheme standpoint, a technique standpoint when you are talking special teams, but also how you coach and how you teach. His contributions have been enormous.”

Do not just take Garrett’s word.

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“Being a good returner you’ve just got to know the blocking scheme and know how to set up your blocks,” Harris told “That’s one thing when I was with Bisaccia that he taught me how to do, and he taught me how to do a lot of things. I had bad habits that he broke me out of, so we are going to get many returns. I think this is the perfect system for me to get returns, and perfect system for me to be a good returner.”

Gruden saw this up close during their work in Tampa Bay. As a result, it is a big reason Bisaccia works on the Raiders’ staff.

“Rich Bisaccia was our special teams coach when we won the Super Bowl (in 2002).  He coached two positions for me in Tampa. He was a running backs coach and the special teams coach. Great leader of men. He’ll do an outstanding job.”

As for the kicking game, Bisaccia must get long snapper Andrew DePaola, kicker Giorgio Tavecchio, and punter Colby Wadman in sync. He must bring the best out of the trio, or whoever is brought in to compete. (Punter is the most likely).

Wadman, UC Davis alum, is the only punter on the roster. However, Bisaccia reportedly worked out Texas punter Michael Dixon (arguably the top punter in the draft).

No matter the dilemma, it appears Professor Bisaccia is the man for the job.


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