On March 17th the New York Jets made a franchise altering trade. Now coming up on April 26th, Gang Green will make a franchise altering pick.

For the first time since Mark Sanchez, the Jets have an opportunity to draft their franchise quarterback in the first round. It feels as if the Jets have been searching for that franchise quarterback for decades. For the first time in quite some time, it seems as if the Jets could find their guy.

The Jets shook up the draft by trading with the Colts to move up to the third pick. It puts the pressure both on the Cleveland Browns (No. 1) and the New York Giants (No. 2) to not pass up on a franchise quarterback. As well as the Jets, I predict both teams will draft quarterbacks affecting who the Jets take at the third slot. Here are some possibilities:

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold is the quarterback to get in this draft class. Darnold is primed to be a future star in this league. He not only has the size, but contains the pocket presence, mobility, arm strength and accuracy to be a pro bowl caliber quarterback.

Coming out of USC, Darnold put himself on the map with his freshman season. He threw for 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions while leading the Trojans in the PAC 12. His sophomore season he threw for 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions causing his draft stock to become questionable. Personally, I feel that Darnold did not have as well of a supporting cast around him in his sophomore year compared to when he was throwing Juju Smith-Schuster the ball in his freshman season. Regardless of statistics, I think Darnold is the quarterback to get in this draft. He reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger. He has the size, pocket mobility and arm strength to be something really special in this league. I predict that the Browns take him at No. 1 and that he does not fall to the Jets.

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen may be the most NFL ready quarterback in this draft class, but he does not have the most potential. Is Rosen going to be a really good quarterback in the NFL? Probably. Does he have what it takes to be a pro bowl/super bowl winning quarterback? I don’t think so.

Josh Rosen has the best footwork, pocket presence and mechanics among the QBs. He is a well above average pocket passer with above average arm strength. He is also the second most accurate passer in this draft behind Baker Mayfield. Here is what concerns me with Josh Rosen: leadership and potential injury issues. Rosen is known to be a guy that sits in the pocket for too long and takes unnecessary hits. This screams injuries and is a reason for concern. Rosen has also caught the media by storm due to his comments suggesting that he does not possess leadership skills. His comments regarding how he does not need football due to his background is alarming. Why would you want to draft a potential franchise quarterback that does not need football? Is it possible that these comments were taken way out of proportion? Absolutely, but it is still a cause for concern.

Now the glaring concern with Rosen: he was not a captain for UCLA last year. What star, talent loaded quarterback was not a captain on his team? I can tell you why: lack of popularity in the locker room and lack of leadership skills. Personally, I think Rosen is too good of a quarterback with way too much ability to pass on if he is on the board, but I could certainly understand why if the Jets pass on him. I project him to be drafted at 2 by the Giants and not be on the board when the Jets are on the clock.

Baker Mayfield

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Jets quarterback of the future. In my opinion Baker Mayfield is the third best quarterback in this years draft class. Not being as skilled as Darnold or Rosen does not mean this guy will not be a superstar in the NFL. I believe he has what it takes.

Mayfield does have some concerns however regarding his size and the Oklahoma system. Not a lot of undersized quarterbacks turn out to be superstar quarterbacks in the NFL. Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are two exceptions. Mayfield reminds me of a hybrid between these two. He has the pocket presence, mobility and ability to extend plays like Wilson while having above average accuracy like Brees. Will he turn out to be a hybrid of the two? Who knows. Does he have the potential to? Absolutely.

You cannot help but look at his career at Oklahoma. He was arguably one of the best college football players ever while winning the Heisman trophy this past year. I believe that Mayfield will succeed under the right system in the NFL. It will be the Jets task to build a system that Mayfield can excel in (similar to Oklahoma’s spread offense) and give him the right supporting cast to win games. He has the attitude and leadership skills to be a franchise quarterback. He also plays with passion and the need to win mentality that you just have not seen at the Jets quarterback position in recent years.

Mayfield can be the guy to provide a fire for the Jets offense which has struggled in years past. Buckle up New York, I predict the Jets taking Baker Mayfield at No. 3 and providing years of success for Gang Green.

– Brian Cunningham is a staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets and covers the New York Jets. Like and follow on



  1. I still can’t figure this one out. The Jets traded all their draft capital to move up a few spots to possibly get the third rated QB on their board. Could they throw a curveball and draft Chubb?

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