The NFL Draft is only two weeks away, and the Colts plans are a bit of mystery. Will they stay put, will they go playmakers and high risk, or will the go safe and steady. With a bevy of needs at multiple positions, no one really knows what the Colts will do, but here I take a shot at four possibilities at each of the Colts first four picks. Each day you will get four options at each pick, there is one rule, no trades, the FPC Colts team will have and have already put out plenty of articles with trades involved, but here it will be if the Colts stayed put.

The second installment of our four-part series, here we go over the first Colts second-round pick, the 36th overall. This is where the Colts can add first round talent that slides into the second round, and could be a significant contributor early on in his career.

36th Overall

  1. Sony Michel, RB, UGA

The Colts grab another electric playmaker for Luck with Michel. The former UGA star has fresh legs after splitting with another second-round possibility Nick Chubb (more on him later) and will make an extremely explosive backfield with Marlon Mack. Michel is more refined of a runner and pass blocker than Mack, but their propensity for big plays will give the Colts a chance to score on any play regardless of who is on the field. Michel is currently projected to be a first-round pick, so he may not even be here for the Colts to draft.

2. Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP

Another possible first-round pick, Hernandez is a bulldozer with feet like a ballerina at guard. The ginormous guard could be everything Ballard hoped for in Zack Banner last year, and slide into either guard spot and help solidify the offensive line.

  1. Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

Another position of need for the Colts, Jefferson is a missile from the linebacker position. An electrifying playmaker who can blow up a game in a hurry, and although he needs some refinement at the NFL level, he could become a stud for the Colts at the Will and Sam linebacker positions.

  1. Maurice Hurst, DL, Michigan

A bit of a question mark after Hurst was found to have a similar heart defect as Star Lotulelei, but after a clean bill of health at the combine recheck, the Wolverine is one of the top interior line prospects, if not the top, in the whole draft. Although the Colts have plenty of talent already on the interior defensive line, the Eagles showed that having a steady rotation of these types of players can change a defense.



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