2018 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Jarvion Franklin

Position: RB

School: Western Michigan

Height: 5’11”

Weight 231 pounds

Run Style

If you look at Franklin’s frame, you can guess how he likes to tote the ball. Franklin runs with an aggressive lean. That is to say, that the yard the defender meets him at will be his. With short yardage ahead, time to move the sticks, Franklin attacks the line with malice in his heart.


For a bigger back, you would expect little to no elusiveness. Yet, Franklin presents enough wiggle to make the first tackler miss and cut upfield. While subtle, his nimble feet could ultimately lead to chunk yardage down the field.


During the combine, Franklin clocked in at 4.63. However, at the WMU pro day, he clock in at 4.45. On tape, you can see that Franklin’s speed veers more toward the 4.45. In the open field, Franklin owns enough burst to transform a three yard run into a 25-yard scamper.


Although only 61 passes found Franklin, he displayed sound catching technique and awareness. His 11 yards per catch and four touchdowns bear the out.


When called upon to block, Franklin does not appear shy. He will meet a blitzer with force, casting them to the side, allowing his quarterback a clear throwing lane. Blocking is a test of will and drive. As a result, Franklin displays those qualities in bunches.

Raiders Fit:

In reality, Franklin represents a perfect Gruden/McKenzie compromise. First, he appears like a late round draft pick. In that case, he drew Reggie McKenzie’s attention. Next, he is a bruiser that gets downhill in a hurry. That will please Jon Gruden and his preferred style of back. Lastly, Franklin is a bellcow back that will absorb many carries without fatigue. During his career at WMU, he tallied 1003 touches. Whether Marshawn Lynch stays after 2018 or not, Franklin easily slides into the role as a power back.

The Raiders need a younger back to eventually supplant Lynch. In 2018, Franklin could learn from the veteran backs. In addition, with eight Day Three picks, the Raiders can afford to spend one of Franklin.



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