2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Braxton Berrios

Position: Slot WR

School: Miami

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 184 pounds




With Berrios, you notice his smallish catch radius. While he will make catch outside of his frame, the window initially appears narrow. However, due to Berrios’ athleticism, he gives the passer adequate targets. When he secures the ball, Berrios uses a confident stab that prevents double catches. More importantly, he transfers the ball with one fluid motion.


In the slot, Berrios will matchup against third corners. As a result, he gains a step off the line. For Berrios, his small frame helps to get him up to speed quicker. Although he times in the high 4.4s, do not expect him to blur by defenders on the boundaries.

Route Running:

In this aspect, Berrios displays technical ability to jump in and out of breaks. Additionally, he uses a quick shoulder fake to sell a double move. With Berrios, watch the subtle part of his routes. Whether the ball finds him or not, each route remains a carbon copy of the proceeding one.

Route Tree

As mentioned, Berrios will operate from the slot. In that case, look for him to open up the entire tree. Initially, the quick slant will set up a double move later in the game. Similarly, Berrios mastered the underneath crossers and outs. Consequently, corners cannot sit on routes.


Despite his frame, Berrios plays as if he is 6’4. Regardless of ball position, Berrios will endanger him to make the catch. When Miami QB Brad Kaaya left, Miami did not enjoy the most accurate passer. In turn, Berrios occasionally dives into an oncoming safety. Without hesitation, you will see him take vicious hits and stand up.

Raiders Fit

Although Berrios does not fit the mold of classic Gruden receivers. In reality, he fits better than most. Gruden wants to bring that grinding mentality to the Raiders. Berrios is short, undersized and not a burner. However, he owns sticky hands and will not back down. Moreover, he lives for the game and will outwork anyone in his way. Under those circumstances, expect a slot receiver that will fight. The Raiders need that feisty yet controlled behavior. Also, Berrios provides return ability.


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