2018 Chiefs Draft Prospect

Name: Parry Nickerson

Position: Cornerback

School: Tulane

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185

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When watching the tape on Nickerson, the first thing that stands out is how competitive he is throughout the entire duration of the game. Nickerson’s not just tough, but he is gritty in coverage. Whether it be in press coverage or zone coverage, wide receivers have a difficult time getting past Nickerson, and quarterbacks have a trying time just throwing his way. His style of play is the definition of ball hawk.

Ball Skills

On 50/50 balls, Nickerson does a good job of boxing out defenders and being able to have a good shot at intercepting the pass. Also, Nickerson does a nice job of high pointing deep passes. The interception numbers are there, especially with ten of his sixteen interceptions at Tulane coming in the last two seasons. It may be bold saying it now, but could he be a Marcus Peters type of skilled cornerback in the NFL.

Body Type

Nickerson’s height and arm length is more positive than negative in his game. At times he can get too aggressive with arm grabbing, and it can cost him. But, cornerback is such a difficult position and it shows how much Nickerson knows when he has leverage against a receiver. This goes back to 50/50 balls deep down the field. That is where most of Nickerson’s interceptions have come from.

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