2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: S Godwin Igwebuike

Oakland Raiders draft prospect Godwin Igwebuike

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Godwin Igwebuike


Position: Safety

School: Northwestern


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 215 pounds





Despite carrying about 215 pounds, Igwebuike possesses sudden burst. Whether he is trailing or breaking on the ball, Igwebuike can stay with most receivers vertically. When he breaks on the ball, notice the second step forward. Igwebuike can repeat the exact stride length and step with either foot.




Although Igwebuike appears better suited to play in the box, he can remain hip to hip downfield. As a result, coaches can slide him in various spots, covering a variety of offensive players. If needed, Igwebuike can provide help in the slot, flat or even the deep middle.

In addition, Igwebuike’s pad level rises and falls, depending on the length of backpedal. If he is operating a shorter area, he stays lower. In that case, he generates proper leverage and the ability to explode toward the ball. However, on longer patterns, Igwebuike rises higher than necessary. With sound tweaking by coaches, this issue becomes a distant memory.


Ball Skills

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Normally, bigger safeties own a set of terrible hands. In contrast, Igwebuike’s vision and timing allow him to make late plays on the ball. Under those circumstances, late actually works. Officials cannot flag him for interference with the ball arriving a hair early than his arm. During his career in Evanston, Igwebuike grabbed seven interceptions and knock away 23 passes.



In spite of his coverage and ball skills, Igwebuike is known for his ability to angrily halt play. If you slow the tape, you can see Igwebuike adjust his style to receiver, angle, and purpose. While he loves jarring ballcarriers, he realizes how to play in space. As a result, Igwebuike breaks down without overpursuit and drives the target to the ground.


Raiders Fit

Under new defensive backs coach Derrick Ansley, the Raiders still need talent. With the aging Reggie Nelson returning, safety depth remains an obstacle. In Igwebuike, the Raiders have a malleable player that will give them quality snaps. Also, he player four years of special teams at Northwestern, so Rich Bisaccia can use Igwebuike there. Currently, Oakland needs all of the young playmakers it can possibly find.


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