Razzano Helps Structure Raiders Draft

Oakland Raiders director of football research Dave Razzano

Dave Razzano is exactly what the Oakland Raiders need in the draft war room. Keen eye for talent, blunt and not one to hold back, the straight-to-the-point style is proper. There always needs to be a voice of dissention in the room some levity.

Brought in specifically by head coach Jon Gruden, Razzano is the Silver & Black’s director of football research. He boasts 25 years of experience as a scout and is the son of former San Francisco 49ers talent man Tony Razzano. The younger Razzano most recently served as a senior scout for the Indianapolis Colts the past six years focusing on the western side of the nation. Not a ringing endorsement considering how Indy has performed in drafts, no?

Yet, research is the perfect spot for Gruden’s addition. Watching prospects, compiling the info, and distributing it will only make assessment that much more thorough when it comes to whom either Gruden or general manager Reggie McKenzie takes next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. More sound minds, can translate into more sound picks.

If Gruden or McKenzie fall head-over-heels for a prospect, Razzano’s tidbits can either reaffirm or erode the love.

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Now, like any other scout in the history of talent evaluators, Razzano is far from perfect. His notable choices include safety Michael Huff (Raiders 7th overall pick, 2006) as a third-round prospect, running back Priest Holmes (Chiefs undrafted free agent) as a second-round talent, quarterback Drew Brees (Chargers 2nd round pick, 2001) as a third rounder, and running back Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars 2nd round pick, 2006) as a fourth rounder. Razzano was also critical of quarterback Alex Smith.

As you can see from that brief list, there are hits and misses there. His overall list over 25 years likely looks like an MLB batting average — like any other scout.

Nevertheless, as valuable commodities draft selections are, it is always better to have too much information on prospects than not enough.

As Gruden said in his introductory presser and following interviews, he does not want to always agree. He likes dissention and discussion. McKenzie’s group of scouts combined with Gruden and Razzano will make for lively conversation in the draft room.

Moreover, that is exactly why Razzano is a Raider.



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