Tic tock, tick tock…..The Cleveland Browns are on the clock.  

This Thursday at this time elucidation to multiple questions not quite as big as the universe, space or time uncertainties unfold.  In the Universe known as the NFL, greatly debated questions marks metamorphose to exclamation points.

The flux capacitor will not be available to the average Doc Brown of the neighborhood as 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity will not be sending anyone, even if you are one of the mighty four quarterbacks, to the wild west. The tier two quarterbacks consisting of two quarterbacks pegged as the prospects outside of the top four looking in may be better or worse than experts predict.

This Thursday won’t get any Elon Musk SpaceX rocket traveling light speed. Questions of spiritual practices and beliefs I don’t think will be resolved after seven rounds of pure educated guesses. Potentially this draft will come up short of all the built-up anticipation, rumors, analysis everywhere you read, watch or listen to. For months the gurus have been immersed in mock drafts, basically since last year’s draft if not prior. But really since the Super Bowl has the football world leans its heavy attention to the draft. Those who took a football break still have been on the draft bandwagon at the very least since March. Those not so serious NFL fans I have spoken to still can name one or two of the big five QBs coming out. Is it four?  Wait a minute, it is surely six potential generational talents. Four Ryan Leaf’s, one Russell Wilson and a couple Tyrod Taylors’. Surely the next Tom Brady will be undrafted or snagged on pure lack of anyone else available late in the sixth round.

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It really depends on which channel you watch or station you listen to. People have said that Josh Allen is the best prospect due to his size and his arm strength he possesses. Although, others have him listed as the worst prospect due to lack of accuracy, leadership or football intelligence. The fact that even the most casual NFL fan can identify a couple of the quarterbacks coming out of college shows me just how much NFL draft overkill exists. Go get the franchise guy. He may fall to you at #12 and you can use all your other picks. Do not lose out. Trade up, trade up twice possibly, trade down, etc. It’s time to get the next Jim Kelly for the Buffalo Bills.

Things we know about the Buffalo Bills this week:

  • The Bills added depth to the wide receiver group by signing the veteran wide receiver Jeremy Kerley this past Monday. He spent last season with the New York Jets who drafted him years earlier in the fifth-round. He had 22 receptions totaling 217 yards and a touchdown last season. He is extremely reliable and experienced at returning punts.


  • Monday also resulted in inking defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi who was an undrafted free agent signing of the Los Angeles Chargers. Last season in a relief position, he had 20 tackles.  


  • With the new schedule released for this upcoming Bills season being standard for Buffalo, one glaring difference jumps out. In week eight, the Bills host the first Monday night game in a decade against none other than the New England Patriots. The schedule looks very tough, especially the opponents they play away from Buffalo. In the first seven weeks, they have only two home games, but after their bye week in Week 11, they only have to travel twice until Week 17.


Scott Bryk is a writer for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Follow him on Twitter at @skotbrick1970.

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