This afternoon General Manager Jon Robinson and new head coach Mike Vrabel were interviewed about the upcoming NFL Draft.  Titan fans are spoiled the first two years with Robinson at the helm.  In his first year, Robinson had ten draft picks to work with; the next year, nine.  This is neither the second coming of “The Process” nor is this the Sashi Brown method….or is it?  Is six draft picks enough for the “Rob-Father”?

Rampant Trades

During his presser, Robinson said, “I love my draft picks”.  He continued by teasing that “There may be a situation that comes up Thursday night and we bail on 25.”  These cryptic comments seem to imply that six is possibly not enough.  With the overwhelming amount of hype surrounding the NFL Draft, it’s likely trades are rampant in the early rounds.  Robinson is clearly no dummy.  He sees the value in this draft and said the team could initiate some calls prior to that in the draft.

Draft Currency

The value of each pick cannot be understated, and Robinson clearly gives that careful consideration.  “If there’s a player on the board that we really like and we don’t think he will make it to us, and we only have six picks, we don’t want to give up too much draft currency if we don’t have to.” Robinson said.  The front office and Vrabel are very much in sync with the draft approach going forward.  It has been well documented that in recent months Robinson and Vrabel have been seen at many pro days.  Head coaches and front offices working as a unit is key to sustained success going forward.  Robinson called the team’s vision going forward a “shared vision”.

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Finding Value

Robinson has made a point of bringing in younger talent while mixing in a few veteran players to lead and produce.  In the last couple of years, the Titans have drafted offensive tackle Jack Conklin, wide receiver Corey Davis, and cornerback Adoree’ Jackson.  “We are just trying to improve the football team.” Robinson added.

Many analysts believe the Titans had caught lightning in a bottle with last year’s fifth overall pick, Corey Davis.  Could the Titans catch lightning again this year?  Robinson is certainly hopeful.  He said, “I think we’ve done a good job the last couple of years and hopefully we can do it again this week in finding value in all areas of the draft”.  Robinson wrapped up the interview by complimenting the depth of the roster.  He also emphasized finding good football players who are going to buy into what the Titans are all about.

Is it Thursday yet?

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