Mayfield, Rosen, or Bust for the Jets?

With the 3rd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select....Baker Mayfield? Josh Rosen?

Mayfield, Rosen, or Bust for the Jets?
Mayfield, Rosen, or Bust for the Jets?

With the 2018 NFL Draft only a few short days away, the New York Jets will be faced with one of the toughest decisions the franchise has faced in quite some time.

Franchise quarterback or bust.

It is fairly certain that the Jets will be selecting a quarter at No. 3 after swapping picks with the Indianapolis Colts a few weeks back, however, question marks remain on which one it will be.

Depending on who gets selected at No. 1 and 2, the Jets should have a viable option fall into their hands.

Broadway Baker?

Rumor has it that Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma is the guy. Mike Maccaganan and Todd Bowles are eager to get a high-energy and passionate player to not only lead the team, but to save their jobs.

And Mayfield seems like the most capable to do that, at least in a short time-span. He’s coming into the draft as the quarterback with the highest completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, and the least amount of interceptions. The Jets haven’t had a guy at the helm with those characteristics in quite some time.

Though, he will come with some potential baggage. His off-the-field issues stem from arrests and poor choices, while some of that same unprofessional-ism has followed him onto the field. There are also concerns with his height and experience in the spread offense, something that still remains a mystery when analyzing converted NFL success.

All of that being said, Mayfield will be a gamble for any team. It seems impossible to weigh the bad over the good or vice versa. At least it’s too early to tell at the moment.

Chosen Rosen?

While many like to believe there is more certainty on UCLA’s Josh Rosen due to his lack of off-the-field issues, this shouldn’t be the case.

Rosen comes with his own question marks as well. His passion for football doesn’t seem to extend as far and wide as Mayfield’s, his collegiate numbers don’t necessarily make you do a double take, and his slew of injuries make you question whether he can be a long-term option.

So, the Jets should take him?

Well, many regard Rosen as this draft’s top pure-passer. He’s got the arm to throw it deep, his footwork in the pocket is steady, and his accuracy seems to be worthy of NFL consideration.

That all being said, if he falls into the hands of the Jets, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. In matter of fact, he may be the best signal-caller to plug into the Jets’ West Coast offense.

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And…if Neither?

A lot of twists and turns have been circling around who may go No. 1 overall, especially most recently. There are rumors that the Cleveland Browns haven’t ruled out taking Mayfield first overall. The Giants could take Rosen at No. 2, and the Jets’ rumored favorites could be gone before they know it.

But it wouldn’t necessarily be a bust right off the bat.

If USC quarter Sam Darnold manages to slip to No. 3, I think Maccagnan would be content with that. Many consider Darnold to be the most NFL ready quarterback and to be the most capable of leading a team in need.

Though, like the others, he does have his flaws. His turnover margin may not be all that appealing, especially to Jets fans. He also stems from USC, where quarterbacks have not had the most overall NFL success. The Jets witnessed this first hand with Mark Sanchez.

Time to Roll with the Punches

Either way, the Jets will have the ability to select a top-tier quarterback at No. 3. Maccagnan told the media not too long ago that he had his eye on three specific guys and would be content with either. His fortunes will come to light on Thursday night.

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