Name: Harold Landry

Position: DE

School: Boston College

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 250lbs

40 Time: 4.64

Round Picked: Second Round (41)

Best Available Pick

The Titans selected the best pass rusher in the 2018 draft class in the draft second round with pick 41. Arguably the best all-around athlete in the draft, the Titans traded up swapping spots with the Raiders. Giving up pick fifty-seven and pick eighty-nine, Landry was an absolute steal for the Titans at that pick. Draft analysts had him projected to go first round. Landry will be an awesome pairing with first-round pick Rashaan Evans who Titans also traded up to get earlier. Both guys will help take the focus off Jurell Casey in getting to the opposing QB’s and disrupting plays this upcoming season.

The Bend

Watching the 21-year-old Harold Landry’s game film, you will notice that he is a nimble bull on the D-Line. Landry is a little undersized at his position but has a very explosive first step and the quickness to get around most offensive linemen with ease. Those attributes allow him to bend to the quarterback and make up for his lack of size. The reason he is a nimble bull is that he has the strength to also push large linemen into the backfield to disrupt running plays or to cave in the pocket on the quarterback. We all know that flushing the quarterback out of the pocket throws the timing of the play for the entire offense. That strength compliments him being light on his feet and his quickness that allows him to run down the football with his 4.64 speed.

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Comparable to

The last time someone had these type of qualities going into an NFL draft was Dwight Freeney! Landry played in thirty-eight games during his stay at Boston College. During those four years, he accumulated one-hundred & fifty-eight tackles total including forty-eight tackles for a loss with an impressive twenty-five sacks! The abilities that compiled those numbers will be showcased under the new Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel and new Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees.

Competitive Edge

The Titans keep getting better year by year but still have an underrated defense. Landry will help change that. Durability will be the only question going forward for him in the NFL going up against bigger and stronger players than he is used to in college. Landry barring any injuries (which was a concern to some teams that had him on their radar) will have a breakout rookie season. Landry will be a name opposing quarterbacks by mid-season have to keep an eye out for and offensive coordinators will have to scheme to stop. Stop him from getting to their face of the franchise quarterback. Overall, Drafting Landry gives the Tennessee Titans “The Competitive Edge” against most teams in the NFL.

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