Kenric Young is a cornerback who played for the Utah Utes last season. This was his first season at cornerback after making the transition from wide receiver. Young played as a receiver for his first three years in college and switched to corner for a better chance in the NFL. He went undrafted, but the Indianapolis Colts invited him to their rookie minicamp. Young is a prototype Chris Ballard corner with good size (6’1″, 190) and blazing speed. We could see Young make the practice squad or even the active roster due to the need at corner. At the least, his speed makes him an asset as a returner and on special. Now, let’s get into the interview by FPC Colts writer Maxx Hotton.

Hotton: Ok first, we all know you can fly on the field with that 4.36 40-yard dash but what do you consider your biggest strength that will help you thrive in the NFL?

Young: My passion for the game honestly…my drive to want to win and to bring the best out of others around me.

Hotton: That’s a great trait to have, it definitely shows on the field. On the flip side, what do you think is your biggest weakness that you think you need to improve on the next level?

Young: My biggest weakness is playing the position for only six months; just more experience over time but I have adapted fast to it.

Hotton: That’s actually my next question. The league has seen some successful players go through that exact switch and be very successful, like Richard Sherman, and even the Colts’ own T.J. Green and Nate Hairston. How was that change for you and do you think that switching sides of the ball gives you an advantage over your peers at cornerback?

Young: The change was great. I picked up on things very fast and playing wide receiver for so long helped me with knowing what wide receivers want to do. I think it gives me an advantage because of the knowledge I have on both sides of the ball.

Hotton: You’ve really proven that point having this level of success with so little playing experience at the position! Ok two more questions, the draft process is notoriously long and stressful. What was your favorite memory or moment from the process?

Young: My favorite moment was just to have teams call and be interested in me, but especially when the Colts called my phone.

Hotton: Seriously a one in a million experience! Last question, have you talked to or met any of the other Colts rookies and invitees?

Young: You’re right about that! And no I haven’t yet.

Hotton: Thank you so much for your time, I know it’s been a crazy few days for you. We have quickly become big fans of you and the Colts’ cornerback competition is wide open so we hope to see you get yours in Indy!

Young: Thank you so much! I appreciate this and I can’t wait to make plays in Indy!

We at FPC Colts wish the best of luck in Kenric Young’s NFL journey, wherever that may take him.


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