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April 28th, 2018

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks

112-96 Celtics, Celtics win series 4-3

The Boston Celtics topped the Milwaukee Bucks in game seven, thrusting them into round two of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Celtics won a series where the home team won every time by the skin of their teeth. The Bucks took a lead at the beginning of the first quarter but it was all Boston from there on out. Milwaukee made it close at times, bringing the lead down to three in the third, but could not retake the lead.

Terry Rozier (Who?) showed the world who he really is, closing out his great series with a fitting game. He scored 36, dished nine assists, and collected six rebounds. Al Horford also scored 26 and grabbed eight rebounds. Jayson Tatum scored 20 points, grabbed six rebounds, and recorded five assists. This injured team proved to the world that they are legit. They face Philadelphia in the second round which will certainly be a challenge.

Milwaukee made the two seed Celtics work as hard as they could. In the end, despite their talent, they failed to get the illustrious road win and were plain outcoached by Brad Stevens. After Stevens made his adjustments to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo, he was made less effective. He recorded 22 points, nine rebounds, and five assists. Khris Middleton led all teams in scoring with 32. Eric Bledsoe had a very solid game himself, scoring 23. This Bucks team is very talented. With some more development and acquisitions, this team could become a legitimate contender.

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Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans

97-86 Warriors, Warriors lead series 1-0

Next Game: Game Two, Tuesday 5/1, @Golden State

We witnessed a complete beatdown of the New Orleans Pelicans tonight in Golden State. Coming off of an impressive sweep of the Trail Blazers, some thought they could give the Warriors a fight, especially considering Steph Curry is out. That just isn’t the case. They devised an excellent gameplan for Anthony Davis and their offense was great as always. Golden State dominated from the get-go. The Warriors blew this game open late in the first and led by as much as 31 in the fourth. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson combined for 53 points and Durant added 13 rebounds. Draymond Green recorded a triple-double with 16 points, 11 assists, and 15 rebounds. He was dominant on defense and even played point guard at some points. It is clear that this Warriors team should not be doubted, even without their best player.

Steve Kerr told Alvin Gentry that he wanted to kill the Pelicans before the game and Gentry granted his wish. The Pelicans weren’t ready for the Warriors beautiful offense and tight defense. Anthony Davis struggled, scoring 21 points shooting 45% from the field, with eight rebounds and three steals. Rajon Rondo did play very well, scoring nine points, dishing 11 assists and grabbing eight rebounds. Jrue Holiday couldn’t carry over his success from the last series as he only recorded 11 points and four assists. It feels like the Pelicans overestimated their success last series and forgot what this Golden State team can really do.

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