The Washington Redskins selected WR Trey Quinn with the 256th pick of the 2018 NFL Draft on Saturday. The pick otherwise known as ‘Mr. Irrelevant’. Then, a frenzy begins. 32 teams scrambling the phones to offer undrafted hopefuls the chance of a try-out.

One thing is for sure, the Chargers are very, very good at it. For 21 consecutive years, they’ve found at least one player that makes it onto their opening 53 man roster. In 2017, the number was five. Some, made positive contributions, for example running back Austin Ekeler. Others made the headlines for the wrong reasons, like short-term kicker Younghoo Koo.

This year, the Chargers signed 21 players to have a look at over the next few months. One of those, was former Arkansas defensive tackle Bijhon Jackson. The lineman played 11 games in his senior year, accumulating 22 tackles, 2 tackles for losses and a sack.

I got the chance to chat to Jackson, before the start of Chargers rookie mini-camp:

Herd: Firstly, it’s been a long time since everyone has played a proper football game, how was your experience leading up to the draft?

Jackson: I really surprised teams on Pro Day with how well I can move around at my weight. I got calls from several teams over the next few weeks and was confident in my chances of getting a shot in the NFL even if I didn’t get drafted. I continued to workout and take care of my body for when that time came.

Herd: You mentioned your pro day earlier, is that when you knew that the Chargers were interested in you?

Jackson: The Chargers were a team that I didn’t hear from up to the draft, so it was a little bit of a surprise when they called, but definitely a pleasant one.

Herd: What skills and traits do you think you have that can translate to the NFL, and the Chargers specifically?

Jackson: I’m sure they’re looking at me as a true nose guard who can get penetration and cause disruption on 1st and 2nd down in the run game. I just fit that mold; I’m 6’1”, 330 so I’ll always have leverage, I’m thicker and very strong in my lower body and I have long arms to get separation. I would say I’m also surprisingly quick for my size so I can beat guys and cause problems when running stunts.

Herd: On the current roster, there are two other players that went to Arkansas that were there in your first couple of years; Hunter Henry and Darius Philon. Have you reached out to either of them before mini-camp?

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Jackson: I haven’t so far, but I intend to. Especially Darius to get any tips for mini camp.

Herd: Thank you so much for your time. Myself and everyone at Full Press Coverage will be rooting for you over the next few months. Good luck for your future.

– Thomas Herd is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Sports Media. He covers the Los Angeles Chargers. Follow him on Twitter .

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