Titan Style

I realize that it’s a matter of perspective. There are several teams that could claim, and whose fans have claimed, that they “won the draft”. Titan fans included. Well, what does that really mean? My favorite team needed a wide receiver or running back. Yeah, they drafted a wide receiver or a running back? Maybe it means that other teams were so busy trying to find players at their positions of need a great football player dropped further than he should have. Your team remembered that “Hey, this guy can really play! We should take him.” Or it could mean that the team you root for went into the draft with a plan of who they wanted to and how they were going to get them. In the 2018 NFL draft that would be called Titan style.

Rashaan Evans pick 22 from Baltimore

Evans was considered one of the top prospects at the inside linebacker position. The Titans had let Avery Williamson leave in free agency so this was a need for the team. A need that was aggressively dealt with. Trading the Ravens the 25th pick in the first round along with their 125th pick in the fourth round netted the Titans the 22nd pick and the 215th sixth rounder. Really what it got them was Evans. A premium caliber athlete that explodes to the ball carrier but has the length and speed to cover down the field. Evans has a chance to win the starting position in training camp.

Rashaan Evans TwitterCould care less about what number I go…I want to be apart of a great team with a great atmosphere. I want Super Bowl Rings” Twitter

Harold Landry pick 41 from Oakland

Titans GM Jon Robinson packaged the 59th pick in the second round and the 89th third round selection for the 41st pick in the draft from Oakland that was promptly used on Landry. The Boston College product had led the nation in sacks his junior year with 16.5 AND in forced fumbles with 7. That is imposing your will on others, dear readers. An ankle injury kept him off the field his senior year but his ability to get after the quarterback will make him a high-level contributor right away.

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“I look forward to getting in the @NFL and getting around guys like @TaylorLewan77. I want to get in the facility and get to work.” – @HaroldLandry

Dane Cruikshank pick 152 from Baltimore

Monty Hall would be proud. Robinson played “Let’s make a deal” for the third time of the night. This time dealing the Titans 5th round pick and 6th round pick, (picks 162 and 215) to the Ravens for the 152nd pick in the draft. Out of Arizona Cruikshank is 6’1″ and 209 lbs, he turned in a 4.41 40 yard dash and pounded out 25 reps on the bench press. He has the athletic gifts. It’s an understatement to say he doesn’t shy away from contact. Cruikshank is an enforcer that wants to hit you.

2Smoove @Dane2Smoove 25
“Whatever they need me to play – I mean if it’s safety, if it’s corner, nickel – I am coming in there to do my job.”

Luke Falk pick 199

Some players you put on your big board as targets. When you see the opportunity to move up and get them you seize it. Some players just wind up in places you don’t expect. Most draft experts didn’t expect Falk to stay on the board this long. Yet, here he was and the Titans didn’t blink. Falk has good size at 6’4″ 215 lbs and is fearless, trusting his accuracy no matter the coverage. I don’t feel like he was a system quarterback at Washington State. He needs to read coverage better to transform into an NFL signal caller. He has the tools to do that.

That is Tennessee’s 2018 draft. That is Titan style!

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