Trevor Daniel, a punter out of the University of Tennessee, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Houston Texans. With the Volunteers, Daniel was one of the best punters in all of college football, leading all of the FBS with a whopping 47.5 yards per punt. But what many people may not know about Daniel is that despite being a punter, he is an extremely gifted athlete.

Playing football, basketball, soccer, and baseball out of high school, Daniel brings lots of different skills to the gridiron. He is also a gym rat: squatting 380 pounds, bench pressing 390 pounds, power cleaning 300 pounds, and bench pressing 225 pounds 23 times at the NFL Combine. For reference, this would’ve ranked him fourth among running backs, second among wide receivers, and first among tight ends at the combine. He also had a 4.98 40-yard dash, 32.5 inch vertical jump, and a 119.0 inch broad jump.

These impressive measurables, coupled with his extremely successful track record, have made the Texans believe he could be the punter of the future. Current punter and seven-time Pro Bowler Shane Lechler is 41 years old and will probably retire sometime during the next few seasons. Because of this, Texans general manager Brian Gaine is hoping that Daniel can impress in camp and be the Texans’ punter for the years to come. Now, let’s get into the interview by FPC Texans editor Sam Gubner.

What would you say your strengths as a punter are?

Trevor Daniel: My strengths as a punter would be my athletic ability, my leg strength, and good hands.

It has been well documented that you are extremely athletic. How do you think this athleticism has helped you as a punter?

Daniel: I think growing up playing all of those sports was huge for me and allowed me to become more coordinated, and my soccer background has played a huge role in my punting and leg strength.

Do you think your strength has helped you with your FBS leading 47.5 yards per punt?

Daniel: Absolutely! Even if I have a miss hit punt it usually goes further then other punters shanks because of my leg strength. This allows me to get away with some miss hits.

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While we are on the subject of talented punters, what are your thoughts on being on the same team as a legendary punter like Shane Lechler?

Daniel: I’m pumped! Having a guy like that to look up to and show me the ropes is a huge advantage for me. I’m very excited to learn from him and find out what the secret is to be a seven-time pro bowler!

Describe what you felt when you got that call from the Texans saying they would sign you. How was that like? How did you feel?

Daniel: I was extremely excited! I’ve gotten to talk to coach Brad Seely these past few weeks and I knew if I had the chance I would want to play for him. I feel very lucky that I have this opportunity.

You are from Dickson, Tennessee and went on to play college for the Tennessee Volunteers. How do you think it will be leaving the great state for Tennessee, where you have lived your entire life, for Houston, Texas?

Daniel: Well Dickson is a small town in Tennessee and that’s all I really know. So I’m a little nervous to move to such a big city like Houston. But I’ve heard Texas is an awesome state and I look forward to living there!

Is there anything you want to say to Houston Texans fans? Anything you want them to know about you?

Daniel: Just that I’m very excited about this opportunity and I will be doing whatever it takes and whatever I can to help this football team win!


We at FPC Texans wish the best of luck in Trevor Daniel’s NFL journey, wherever that may take him.

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