The final stretch for the Buffalo Bills. The last five weeks are crucial for the team if they want to push themselves into a a playoff spot. The Bills will more than likely be looking at another wild card spot for the playoffs if they compete throughout the season.

I have the Bills predicted at 6-5 at this point. Through this five week schedule, they will take on the Miami Dolphins twice, New York Jets, Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots.


Week 13: @ Miami Dolphins

The first meeting between these two hated rivals. The Dolphins did not as much in free agency but they filled key spots through the draft. Their best pick, as of right now would be Minkah Fitzpatrick. With Jay Cutler out of town now, Ryan Tannehill will look to take over the starting job under center.

Miami is one of the most difficult places to pick up a win, but the Bills seem to have more of the talent than the Dolphins do. The Bills will have their quarterback situation hopefully solved by this time, and then the rest will click. In a tough battle, the Bills take this one.

Record: 7-5


Week 14: New York Jets

The second facing between these two teams. The Jets took the first game at their field, but this is where the Bills will have the advantage this time. While the Jets and the Bills will compete this year, the game is in Buffalo and more than likely in the snow.

Whether it’s Sam Darnold, Josh McCown or Teddy Bridgewater starting for the Jets, the Bills defense takes advantage of the home crowd and roughs the Jets offense up. The Bills split the season series with the Jets and take this game.

Record: 8-5


Week 15: Detroit Lions

The Bills face their final NFC North opponent for the season against the Lions. The last time the Bills faced against the NFC North, they beat all four teams. For this season, that’s not the case as I have them losing to the Minnesota Vikings. This game will be a very close game if the secondary can lock down Matthew Stafford’s weapons.

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The Lions have never had a running game in recent years, so we should see the Lions trying to go pass happy on the Bills. The only problem for the Lions is that the Bills have a stronger secondary. It’s simple, contain the receivers, and the Lions offense shouldn’t be able to produce. This should set up the Bills offense to score some points and pick up a victory.

Record 9-5


Week 16: @ New England Patriots

The Bills have what could be their final true challenge of the regular season. This will be a repeat of last season. The Bills travel to New England, right around Christmas time. Last season’s result did not end so well for the Bills. One of those difficult obstacles was the Bills being denied a first half-ending touchdown pass from Tyrod Taylor to Kelvin Benjamin.

Even if the Bills correct their mistakes from before, the Pats are still going to be favored and they have home-field advantage. After a three week winning streak, the Patriots cool off the Bills.

Record: 9-6


Week 17: Miami Dolphins

The home finale for the Bills of the regular season. Much like last season, the Bills face off against the Dolphins only this time it’s in Western New York where it’s going to be cold. The Bills picked up the first game against the Dolphins in Miami, and now with home field and the weather on the Bills side, there should be almost no doubt that the Bills secure a win this week.

Record: 10-6


The Bills end the season with one more win than last year. It’s more than likely the Bills will either be in the first or second spot of the Wild Card.


Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the NFL and the Buffalo Bills. Follow him on Twitter at @brandon_ray79 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 

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