Take a second and imagine yourself in an arena full of people. The buzz in the room has been loud but is getting even louder. The lights go down and you see Bruce Buffer grab a microphone and say… “It’s TIME!”  It is time with the draft over to really begin the process of breaking down the positions and starting to put your list together on who you want to target in your fantasy redraft league. Like all good fantasy analysts, I’ll start with my fantasy quarterback redraft rankings

Fantasy Quarterback Redraft Ranks

These quarterbacks are fantasy franchise level and can help carry your teams to championships. I personally don’t target quarterbacks before the third or fourth round and usually later, but if you choose to do so it should be these guys.

1. Tom Brady    New England Patriots

Like it or not, Brady and the multiple offensive look Patriots attack showed no signs of slowing down. Brady is set to have another big year after averaging 18.5 fantasy points a game last year. Good enough for third in the league. Rob Gronkowski will be back and Julian Edelman returning will only make this group more dangerous. Phillip Dorsett who is underrated in most camps as a receiver will have a full training camp with New England and should ease any pain of trading away Brandin Cooks.

2. Alex Smith   Washington Redskins  

Smith had a career year last year and looked terrific the entire season. Often, quarterbacks have tremendous years for a variety of reasons (IE coaching change, contract year, chemistry with new weapons) then fall back toward their baseline, average performance. I don’t think that happens here. Washington will have to prove to me they can run the football. Smith should be in negative game scripts often and will be throwing against defenses that gave up an average of 19.38 fantasy points a game last year to quarterbacks or 31st worst in the NFL.

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3. Deshaun Watson   Houston Texans     

I realize that, 1. Watson plays in the same division as Jacksonville and that nasty defense and 2. That Tennessee has improved both their pass rush and coverage through free agency and the draft. I also know Watson was on track before his injury to average 24.1 fantasy points per game. That’s 2.4 points more than Russel Westbrook and Carson Wentz who finished last year tied for second at 21.7.  I’m maybe late to the party but I increasingly believe that DeAndre Hopkins could catch a fly with tweezers let alone footballs. Add the blazing fast Will Fuller and possibly rookie Keke Coutee in the slot and Watson has plenty of options.

4. Aaron Rodgers   Green Bay Packers

Rodgers can throw footballs into the smallest spots in the NFL. He finally has a true stud tight end in Jimmy Graham. He isn’t the pass catcher he used to be but Graham is still the giant red zone option the Packers needed with Jordy Nelson leaving. The entire wide receiver group will need to shine. In terms of fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks, Rodgers and the Packers face the strongest schedule in the NFL.

5. Russell Wilson   Seattle Seahawks     

Wilson stayed healthy enough to play all 16 games. That was amazing because his offensive line was considered amoung the worst in the league. Hopefully, a sound Chris Carson and the addition of Rashaad Penny will take some of the focus off Wilson. It should allow him to be more efficient due to not running for his life quite as early in the play. The added time will benefit Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett also. The Seahawks made some moves to bolster their line, I hope it was enough.

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