It is officially mock time for Fantasy Football fans, and this year is going to be a wild one.  The NFL has gone through many of changes. From Dez Bryant being booted out of the Lone Star squad to NFL changing catching rules changes and possibly kickoff changes? So allow us here at Full Press to help you navigate the specifics with each team. This time around it is the Jets on the spot for Fantasy.

Since the additions of Trumaine Johnson, Avery Williamson, Isaiah Crowell, Thomas Rawls, Terrelle Pryor and Sam Darnold, the Jets fantasy values are about to flux in a major way.

Here’s how it will be broken down: they will be placed in order from most likely being the guys you would want to start to the least likely to have Jets player on your fantasy team. That being said if they are on the lower end, don’t sleep on them. This is the NFL and super stars like Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill are born out of the low end and they themselves raise their own value. So here we go.


  • Josh McCown – QB1
  • Teddy Bridgewater – QB2
  • Christian Hackenberg – QB3
  • Sam Darnold – QB4

Let’s break this down. As the Jets saw last season McCown got better, I mean way better. He was able to sling the ball with a wide receiver core that was an upgrade than what he had previosuly in the dog pound. So as it sits he is QB1. From what we have seen from camps he is looking like his old form and should he keep it up then he will be week one starter for sure.

Bridgewater and Hackenberg are the wild cards here. Since Bridgewater went down with that terrible knee injury, he’ll remain a high risk option. And since the latest golden boy Sam Darnold joined the club, Hack’s days seem numbered. Or are they? Hackenberg has been making moves to improve his game and Bridgewater is looking good but depending on camp, it could be McCown, Bridgewater, Darnold or McCown, Hackenberg, Darnold.

Running Backs

  • Bilal Powell – RB1
  • Thomas Rawls – RB2
  • Isaiah Crowell – RB2
  • Elijah McGuire – RB3
  • Trenton Cannon – RB4

The Jets running back situation is both terrible and great at the same time. Terrible for Fantasy owners and great for Jets fan. With additional men in the backfield, the fantasy value is probably going to drop severely due to the split touches and the inconsistency on touchdowns. I would not expect to see much activity from the Jets backfield though. Rawls is coming off an injury plague (few) seasons, Crowell is a three down back but will have to share the workload with Powell who is aging and showing signs of his former self. Then, McGuire who had an above average rookie campaign, doesn’t seem to be too flashy about it. With the addition of Cannon from the draft, this backfield is a must stay away unless you are feeling frisky or have that one friend that picks up every good running back.

Wide Receiver

  • Robby Anderson – WR1
  • Terrelle Pryor Sr. – WR1
  • Jermaine Kearse – WR2
  • Quincy Enunwa – WR2
  • Lucky Whitehead – WR3
  • ArDarius Stewart – WR3
  • Chad Hansen – WR4
  • Devin Smith – WR4
  • Andre Roberts – WR4
  • Tre McBride – WR5
  • Cherone Peake – WR5

The Jets wide receiver position is a tough one. On one hand, breakout star Robby Anderson had close to a 1000 yard season for the first time before QB Josh McCown broke his hand. With a true 1000 yard receiver in the mix, Pryor is looking to grab a comeback and get back to his former self. Another receiver looking for a comeback is Quincy Enunwa who went down with a serious neck injury last season. Along with Jemaine Kearse they make up the second string but both are still effective and dangerous with the ball in hand. Lucky Whitehead and Ardarius Stewart are looking to be more than a third-down receivers. That’s the same with Chad Hansen and Devin Smith, they are looking towards the future if they can show what they have. Andre Roberts, Tre McBride, and Cherone Peake flex between kick off return and punt return so with these guys I would caution.

Tight End

  • Clive Walford – TE1
  • Christopher Herndon IV – TE2
  • Jordan Leggett – TE2
  • Eric Tomlinson – TE3

So we all know the joke “What Jets Tight End?” and that joke went on for years. But last year it came alive with Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Now that he’s come and gone, the talent is still there somewhat. Clive Walford was the Raiders tight end before being released for Cook. 2018 Draft Pick Herndon and former draft pick Leggett are coming on to the scene and looking to make a name for themselves and help the Jets. However, Leggett went down with a knee injury and is looking for a bounce back while Herndon is looking to touch the field and help out. Eric Tomlinson is on here as a courtesy. While he plays tight end he is more blocking than receiving.


NO Draft/ Pick up later

The defense has always been a staple for the Jets, but lately, things have gone downhill only to come back this last season thanks to Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. Now with the addition of Trumaine Johnson, Avery Williamson, Neville Hewitt, Brandon Copeland and Kevin Pierre-Louis the Jets have plugged holes that have continuously hurt them. They have added a lockdown corner, more linebackers and since the draft added a front lineman in Nathan Sheperd and another corner in Parry Nickerson. Now the Jets defense will likely be better than it was last year, but when it gets back to it’s dominant ways is another question. With another front linemen possibly on the way and with Kenny Vaccaro on schedule to visit, the defense will get better for sure. Coupled that with a top 5 easy schedule going off last years numbers, the Jets are poised to have one of the best defenses in the NFL but I would not draft them. Instead, pick them up around week two or three during the Miami-Cleveland stretch. By then the chemistry should be there and the gears will be working in the right direction.

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