The Los Angeles Rams finished their second season back in L.A. with an 11-5 record, earning them the NFC West Division crown. Quite a turnaround after their abysmal last season under Jeff Fisher. Sadly the Rams lost in the wild-card round to the Atlanta Falcons to end their promising season.

Heading into 2018, the Rams were able to add multiple big names in free agency and in the trade market. Cornerback Aqib Talib, cornerback Marcus Peters, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh just to name a few. Noting those changes I’m going to project what the Rams record will be for the 2018 season.

Week 1: @ Oakland Raiders

Playing in Oakland is always tough, but it sure helps to have a tougher defensive unit. With a stout defense, and highly explosive offense I see the Rams having back-to-back offensive onslaughts to kick of a season. Last season against the Colts, the Rams walked away with a 46-9 victory. This time, the Rams will push 40-points again with a 38-13 victory in Oakland against the Raiders. The MVP of the game will be newcomer Marcus Peters. The former Chief will notch two interceptions of Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr. In addition, he will be credited with five pass deflections and three tackles.

Week 2: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Coming off a win week one, the Rams will be playing a team with a lot of questions surrounding them, the Arizona Cardinals. Of those questions, the biggest will surely be who will be their starting quarterback? Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen?

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. The Cardinals offensive line is not one of the best by far and with either a veteran who hasn’t played well most of his career or a rookie, the Donald/Suh/Brockers trio will be too much for the vet and rookie. That being said, even with the future HOFer Larry Fitzgerald playing, there are still two elite cornerbacks that will be guarding him and the other Cardinal wide receivers.

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As for the Rams offense, I don’t see many points by wide receivers. However, expect Todd Gurley to have a great game. In the end, the Rams will move to 2-0 with a 24-14 win over the Cardinals.

Game MVP: Rams Offensive Line. No Sacks Allowed.

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Week 3: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers made a push for the playoffs in 2017 but ultimately fell just short. In 2018, they are looking to go a step further, however, don’t expect it to happen in week three.

It will be an entertaining game but at the end of the day, the Rams will walk away with a 3-0 record. I don’t see many points, in fact, almost half of the points of the game will be from the defensive alone. Expect Jared Goff to throw a pick which leads to a field goal, and cornerback Aqib Talib locking down six points with a pick-six. My final score prediction is 13-10 Rams as they barely edge out the Chargers.

Game MVP: CB, Aqib Talib. Four tackles, four pass defenses, and one pick-six.

Week 4: vs. Minnesota Vikings

After starting the season 3-0, the Rams have their first real tough opponent when they host the Vikings. By this time there will most likely be at least one starter injured, no telling who, but keeping that in mind, with the only real depth being at cornerback, the Vikings will expose that week spot.

Both Todd Gurley and Dalvin Cook will have great games. Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins will play well, but the defensive units will both underachieve allowing two touchdowns by both teams. In the end, the Vikings will edge out the Rams by a score of 20-17 to drop the Rams record to 3-1.

A quarter of the season done, and the Rams are sitting pretty with a 3-1 record and 1st in the NFC West with the 49ers a game or two behind. The next installment of this Rams 2018 schedule prediction will be out soon!

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