What Is a Fantasy Tier Three Quarterback

If you waited in your draft to the mid to later rounds to select one then bravo to you! Not all leagues are created equal. It could be you are in a super flex league, then you need two. Or you’re in a league where there is suddenly a run on quarterbacks early in the draft. On one hand that’s great for your team overall but you still need a quarterback. If you didn’t get a franchise guy or a set them and forget them guy that I previously mentioned here are more options. These fantasy tier three quarterbacks from 13 to 24 will give you decent production and occasional week winning performances.

13. Cam Newton   Carolina Panthers

Newton always has some upside from his running ability. He led all quarterbacks in rushing yards and tied for the lead in rushing touchdowns with 6. If there is a guy that could make a big jump up this list it’s Newton.

14. Ben Roethlisberger   Pittsburgh Steelers

Roethlisberger has some of the best weapons in the NFL. He will have a new offensive coordinator but a quarterback of his stature will have a great amount of influence. The only difference I see here is more deep routes and fewer checkdowns.

15. Jimmy Garoppolo   San Francisco 49ers

I am not ready to anoint Garoppolo yet because the body of work simply isn’t big enough. The early returns look fantastic however, Garoppolo will face defenses that allowed the third-fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks last year.

16. Andrew Luck   Indianapolis Colts

Has there been a more talked about shoulder in the past decade? The NFL is better with Luck playing in it. Even if he plays at this point you can’t forget that it’s been close to two years since he’s played. He’s going to have to prove it to me.

17. Jared Goff   Los Angeles Rams

The Rams defense got big upgrades this past off-season. Todd Gurley is one of the best running backs in the league. Both those things go into Goff not throwing as much. Despite his 12th place finish among quarterbacks last year, his accuracy was only 17th among starters.

18. Phillip Rivers   Los Angeles Chargers

Much like the Rams, the Chargers are building a special kind of defense. It will be borderline dominant at times in my opinion. Rivers will still be able to beat teams with his arm but he won’t have to do it as often. Plus Hunter Henry is good, but he isn’t Antonio Gates.

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19. Dak Prescott   Dallas Cowboys

A lot of people think that Prescott had a tough year in 2017. He finished 11th in fantasy scoring but here’s what I’m concerned with. No Mark Witten and no Ezekiel Elliott suspension drama. Dallas will run the ball. Prescott will be a supporting character.

20. Patrick Mahomes   Kansas City Chiefs

I like both Mahomes arm and what I’ve seen of his decision making. He is the quarterback of the future. This year, however, I think he struggles with consistency. That and I think he tries to force the ball into his receivers early in the year.

21. Derek Carr   Oakland Raiders

The Raiders offense struggled last year. Carr struggled the most. This year it won’t get any easier with the ever consistent Michael Crabtree gone. Carr faces the 4th most difficult schedule in NFL. Fantasy points will not come easy.

22. Blake Bortles   Jacksonville Jaguars

Bortles finished last year as the 13th highest scoring fantasy quarterback. Not bad for a guy 28th in quarterback rating. I think Bortles and his 60% completion percentage regress this year. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns were not exactly beating down the door to stay.

23. Mitch Trubisky   Chicago Bears

Turbisky, unlike Bortles will be throwing to Allen Robinson this season. The Bears went out and got Robinson and Taylor Gabriel giving the quarterback two solid options to throw the football to. I still think that the Bears will be a run first team that will hold Trubisky back.

24. Eli Manning   New York Giants

Manning has never been a huge fantasy performer. With Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley playing the potential to have a tremendous game is always there. It’s been there in the past though and rarely become anything more than that.



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