Labeled as possibly the worst team LeBron has ever played for, the 2018 Cavaliers are no super team. Outside of LeBron James, their leading scorer is Kevin Love in these playoffs who has averaged just under 15 points per game on under 40 percent shooting. However, somehow Cleveland still finds themselves tied 2-2 with the short-handed Boston Celtics for yet another trip to the NBA Finals. Now, it has been LeBron James’ heroic efforts that have carried them this far, but even with these efforts, are the Cavaliers a legitimate threat in the finals?

The Other Cavaliers

The supporting cast around LeBron James, who has now been dubbed “The Other Cavaliers” have been “shaky” to say the least. From Kevin Love to Jose Calderon, the overall play from this squad has been inconsistent at best. Other than LeBron James, Kevin Love is the only Cavalier to average over 10 points per game in these playoffs. And even Kevin Love (a former superstar) is scoring his 15 points a game in the most inefficient way possible. However, the play of this group as of recent has improved as they are able to get some contributions from a player not named “LeBron James.” But if Cleveland is going to win a championship, they’re going to need consistent doubt figure games out of at least four of their role players.

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LeBron James

Although Cleveland is going to need significant contributions from their role players, the fact of the matter is, to win the championship, LeBron James is going to need to score 40+points for the remainder of the postseason. Possibly the greatest talent the NBA has ever seen, LeBron James is averaging over 33 points per game on 55 percent shooting this postseason. However, if LeBron plans to carry this team to a championship, it would take the greatest finals performance we have ever seen. I’m talking numbers even his 2015 finals performance doesn’t match. Now obviously, this is all assuming LeBron is able to carry this Cleveland team over the Celtics.

Western Conference Finals

If the Cavaliers are able to make the 2-0 comeback versus the Celtics, A big part of their finals success depends on the western conference champion. Currently tied up at 2-2, I personally think Golden State will be eventual champions. And if that prediction holds true, despite Lebron’s efforts, there is virtually no chance the Cavaliers will beat the Warriors. However, if the Rockets reach the finals, that is when Cleveland will have a  fighting chance. Led by two superstars with not much finals experience, LeBron could absolutely take advantage of an inexperienced Rockets team and will Cleveland to his fourth championship.


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