Fantasy Quarterbacks Tier Four

The quarterbacks in the tier four ranks are not the guys to depend on. They are at best matchup dependent. Tier four quarterbacks are guys you can use during your bye weeks when your starting fantasy quarterbacks are off. They might get hot and help you a few games but that’s it.

25. Case Keenum   Denver Broncos

Keenum had had a nice year leading the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC title game. He finished 14th in fantasy point production and signed a nice contract with Denver. The question is which Keenum will play? The one from last year who completed over 67% of his passes and threw touchdowns at a 4.6% clip? Or the one that hovered around 60% and threw 1 more touchdown pass than interception the past two years with the Rams?

26. Andy Dalton   Cincinnati Bengals

The Red Rifle deserves better. He really does. The Bengals have weapons. Dalton has talent especially when he get to step into the throw. He even has a decent defense. There is one major thing that he doesn’t have. A quality, proven offensive line Although the Bengals did grab left tackle Cordy Glenn from a swap of picks with Buffalo. Then continued by drafting future interior line stud Billy Price from Ohio State. If everyone stays healthy, Dalton could move up the list.

27. Ryan Tannehill   Miami Dolphins

I think Tannehill will struggle with Jarvis Landry gone. There is a reason Landry caught all those footballs. It’s because Tannehill threw it to him a lot! Coming back after a full year off isn’t easy but the defenses he’ll see did not stop quarterbacks in terms of fantasy points.  Tannehill should have some nice games. You just have to pick the right ones.

28. Sam Bradford   Arizona Cardinals

Bradford has never hit his potential thanks to numerous injuries.  I fully expect that Josh McCown will take over the starting reigns at some point during the season due to injury. There is still potential here. Larry Fitzgerald looks like he doesn’t age ever and David Johnson is healthy. The short to mid-range passing game will be in play for the Cardinals.

29. AJ McCarron   Buffalo Bills

We don’t really know if McCarron can play consistently at a high NFL level or not. I think he can play but the Bills didn’t move up to draft Josh Allen and have him sit for long. If McCarron plays well then he may wind up as trade bait. Fantasy quarterback production is better when the system is known and the offensive line is stable. You have neither here.

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30. Tyrod Taylor   Cleveland Browns

The same situation that we have in Buffalo we have in Cleveland and the same script applies. The Browns do have more weapons than the Bills but also play a tougher schedule against fantasy quarterbacks. Baker Mayfield will get his shot sometime this year.

31. Joe Flacco   Baltimore Ravens

Flacco cannot be relied on for fantasy purposes. The Ravens scheme and philosophy itself isn’t great for fantasy quarterbacks. It’s just the way that they play. That said I think Micheal Crabtree could have a big year for the Ravens. Flacco might have a couple of decent outings but don’t believe in him because he will be inconsistent.

32. Sam Darnold   New York Jets

This is not the place Sam Darnold will be for long. He has the ability to prosper there just isn’t enough skill players in place yet. The building has begun and I don’t foresee ever placing Darnold in the 32 spot again.

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