Wherever the Oakland Raiders finish in the standings this year, this franchise underwent a drastic offseason makeover. Oakland needed an infusion of life in and around the organization. While Jon Gruden brings name recognition, his position coaches could dictate the success or failures of this team in 2018. With that, FPC writers Pete Camarillo and Ray Aspuria spotlight two specific coaches. Offensive Line coach Tom Cable and Defensive Backs coach Derrick Ansley helm two of the most important positions on the staff.


Immediately, what upgrade does Derrick Ansley provide over Rod Woodson?



Ansley learned from one of the best defensive backs teachers in Nick Saban and if he can impart those teachings onto Raider DBs, Woodson’s shortcomings become magnified. Getting his defensive backs to locate and then make a play on the ball this season would be a boon for Ansley.



Ansley can only go up from Rod Woodson. Specifically, expect him to help all of our defensive backs with making plays on the ball. Alabama is infamous for making their defensive backs almost too versatile but this will be different since they should still use a backpedal and run some man coverage. Additionally, he should help the safeties play both positions as well as corner. Imagine the Raiders defense using their safeties in more hybrid roles versus the run and pass. One of those players will probably play closer to the box but they might also get used as a third corner in the slot. The point is, the Raiders should disguise coverages, and tendencies better under Ansley.

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What are your impressions of Tom Cable and Greg Olson rejoining the Raiders?



Getting the Raider band back together. Gruden is intent on redemption road and bringing back Cable and Olson not only rekindles the Silver and Black flame, but also gives the head coach two people familiar with Raiders lore. Cable is a coach eager to prove the Seattle offensive line woes were out of his control. Olson wants to show he can get Carr back on track.


Cable and Olsen coming back doesn’t make a lot of sense. What have either done recently besides be a part of notable staffs that include ties to Gruden? Cable failed to develop the Seahawks offensive line into anything more than formidable. That might have been a feat considering the talent level. However, the hire still does not make sense given Cable’s reputation that includes beating up a coach when he was the HC in Oakland.

As for Olsen, the last Gregg the Raiders re-hashed was Greg Knapp and that was horrible. This time around, Olsen comes fresh off being the QB coach for the Rams where he did not even call the plays. Before that, he served as the OC for Blake Bortles and the Jaguars. That team did not win even if they were productive under Olsen. Both coaches are experienced. Yet, but it would have been nice to have some fresh ideas in Oakland.  Instead, this feels like much of the same meritocracy and mediocrity.

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