With the 9th overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, the Oakland A’s have selected Kyler Murray an outfielder from the University of Oklahoma

Kyler Murray has to be the biggest wildcard in this draft. Not based on talent, Murray is a dual sport athlete at Oklahoma playing outfield for the baseball team and projects to be the starting quarterback for the Oklahoma football team.

Kyler is the best athlete in the draft. Murray in his 2nd year with Oklahoma holds a .296 batting average and a .398 on-base percentage. He has been making better contact and no longer is getting beat by breaking balls. He has tremendous speed. That being his best tool with a grade of 70 on the 20-80 scale. His mix of speed and power could have him being a 20-20 guy at the big league level.

The A’s took a gamble on picking Murray here at pick No. 9 and they must be fairly confident that they can get him to agree to a deal to sway him to play baseball. Murray could have been without a doubt in the conversation for the number 1 overall pick if he did not play football.

He will slot nicely into an Oakland farm system that could use a talent like his. As he won’t be a top 100 prospect he will definitely be a top 5 prospect in the Oakland system.



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