The Golden State Warriors prevailed in game three, 110-102. It was not as easy as game two and they had to jump through hoops to get there. It was scrappy, ugly, and the Cavaliers fought but ultimately, the Warriors are too talented. Just like in game three last year, Cleveland led the Warriors late but Kevin Durant took over. He hit the same ridiculous dagger three in the same spot as last year, sinking the hopes of the Cavaliers.

Down 3-0, the Warriors will almost certainly come away with another Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Cleveland stormed out in front early, taking a commanding 12 point lead in the first quarter. Golden State clawed back, Cleveland took another big lead in the second, and the Warriors clawed back again. At the end of the half Cleveland led by six and Durant’s 24 points kept the Warriors in the game. The Warriors outscored Cleveland by eight in the third. The game was back and forth late but two plays won the game for the Golden State. Stephen Curry broke out of his slump, hitting his first three of the game, and Kevin Durant hit a deep dagger three over J.R. Smith, crushing the Cavaliers.

The Warriors are so dominant that two of their best players can have complete off nights and they still win. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were ice cold. Coming off a record shooting night, Steph Curry went 1-10 from deep, with his only make coming in the final minutes. His five rebounds and six assists, though, were key giving the Warriors scores and extra possessions. Klay Thompson only added 10 points shooting 4-11 from the field. Jordan Bell had a nice day off of the bench, bringing 10 points and six rebounds.

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Kevin Durant reminded all of us who the best scorer in the league is with a dominant game three performance. He consistently scored pull up after pull up with hands in his face. Despite defenders draped all over him, Durant scored like it was nothing. He put up a monster 43 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists. His efficiency was very impressive, shooting 15-23 from the floor and 6-9 from three. By way of Durant alone, Golden State is almost guaranteed it third ring in four years.

LeBron James recorded a triple-double, with 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. He was excellent scoring and setting up his teammates. LeBron’s supporting cast gave him quite a bit of help today. Rodney Hood broke out, reminding us that he is a proven NBA scorer. He contributed 15 points and six rebounds off the bench. J.R Smith scored 13 and Tristan Thompson scored eight and grabbed seven rebounds. Kevin Love was excellent scoring, shooting, and on the glass, finishing with 20 points and 13 rebounds. All in all, it was the Cavaliers’ poor defense and inability to contain Durant that would be their downfall.

Down 3-0, this series is all but over for the Cavaliers. They nearly came out on top in games one and three but close is not a win. They gave the Warriors a fight but it was not enough in the end. Cleveland will fight to stay alive in game four on Friday, which could be LeBron James’ last ever game in a Cavaliers’ jersey.

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