Mateo Caliz breaks down five Colts who could break out in 2018.

Quincy Wilson, Cornerback

Wilson has all the physical traits of a true lockdown corner, as he is tall, lean and fast; but a knee injury and some head-scratching decisions by former head coach Chuck Pagano derailed his rookie season and he ended up starting in just five games. Still, in the few games he started, Wilson showed plenty of promise. Against the Cardinals, he was key in shutting down Larry Fitzgerald, and it is worth to mention that he is only 21 (Will turn 22 in August). Look for Wilson to receive plenty of playing time and probably become the Colts best cornerback since the days of (healthy) Vontae Davis.

Jack Doyle, Tight End

Doyle is well known among Colts fans, but not so much throughout the rest of the League. Taking over after the departure of Allen and Fleener, Doyle racked up 80 receptions, 690 yards, and four scores. The bloated receptions number was mainly due to the Colts inability to go for deep passes, but still what he accomplished in a decimated offense falls nothing short of amazing. With the return of star quarterback Andrew Luck and a true offensive head coach in Frank Reich, look for Doyle to have a true breakout season and start being considered as one of the best tight ends in the league.

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Jabaal Sheard and John Simon, Edge Defenders

Both Sheard and Simon were arguably the only Colts defensive players that were above average last season. Sheard was the only Colts to receive a PFF grade above 85.0 and Simon, before his injury, was the Colts most consistent, reliable playmaker, either rushing the passer or stopping the run. With Simon healthy again, look for them to become the stalwarts of the Colts defense, and perhaps help it become respectable once again.

Ryan Kelly, Center

Though it is rare for a center to become a star, Kelly could really make the leap this season. Not only because he is entering his third season, so improvements should be shown, but also because he will now play alongside Quentin Nelson, who should make Kelly’s job opening up running lanes and protecting the passer much easier.

Andrew Luck, Quarterback

Though I know to say a star quarterback, that led the League in passing touchdowns two seasons ago, is unheralded may seem harsh, but it sure seems that way. It looks like the rest of the League forgot just how dominant Luck was when he was healthy, leading a team of mediocre players to the AFC Championship. I fully expect Luck to take the rest of the NFL by storm and potentially lead the Colts to their first playoff game since 2016.

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