So, here we are. It almost feels like déjà vu. Kevin Durant hit a deep three in game three of the NBA finals for the Golden State Warriors that led to them taking a 3-0 lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 21 points last night and they still won. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers simply can’t beat this team. It isn’t a knock against LeBron James greatness or this Cavs team, but they are in the same position as the rest of the NBA. They are at the bottom of the mountain looking up at the Warriors.

From top to bottom, this Warriors team is simply the most stacked team in NBA history. Whether you want to debate they are the best or not is up to you, but regardless this team is on another planet and the NBA world is left to their mercy. Yes, LeBron could go ballistic and lead the best comeback of all-time, but does anybody believe that could happen? Kevin Durant is too good. Steph Curry won’t have another game like that again. Klay Thompson never shoots bad two nights in a row and this all leads back to the same question. What can the NBA do to compete with this monster of a team?

Most of the NBA world thought this question was going to be answered last NBA offseason. Chris Paul linked up with the best fast paced offensive coach we’ve ever seen and the likely MVP. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony were going to be the help that Westbrook needed to take out the Warriors and his former compadre. The Cavaliers lost Kyrie Irving but were supposed to be better defensively and a deeper team. The Celtics put together three all-stars and a group of young athletic guys that were ready to take over the conference and the NBA. Most of last summer’s moves were all to accomplish one goal. To take down these Warriors yet here we are again.

The Warriors will likely win another title. Curry or Durant will hoist up the finals MVP trophy and they will continue to look down upon the rest of the NBA with a smirk simply saying, “You thought this would end, didn’t you?” Now, a lot of this isn’t just due to the Warriors dominance. The Rockets and Celtics had unfortunate injury problems and had their two-star point guards been healthy we may have been watching a Houston Rockets versus Boston Celtics finals matchup. Yet, chemistry problems, injury bugs and more can be blamed all day but the reality is we got the same finals matchup as we’ve had the last four years and for the third time out of those four years we are going to get the same result.

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Alas, we head into another offseason with the same result and the same question. What can the NBA world do to beat this team? A lot of offseason will focus on LeBron James. He is the best player on the planet and he is probably more tired of the Warriors continues success than anybody else. Where he goes may just dictate how long this run will last. He could go to the Philadelphia Sixers and have a team filled with capable shooters, lengthy defenders and young guns that are ready to take over the NBA. He could go to the Rockets and show that he doesn’t need to be in the east to be successful as he would join the same team that went seven games against the Warriors. Wherever he goes, the NBA world will be paying attention and rightfully so.

Regardless, the Thunder and Spurs will both look to reload to make another run in the West and the Celtics and Sixers were both be more loaded to make another run with or without Lebron. The NBA will be fun again next year but whether any of these teams can take down this team will remain to be seen. Something drastic may have to happen. The Celtics may have to keep this roster intact and stay healthy all year long. The Rockets may have to add Lebron or the Thunder may have to add a few more pieces and change their play style. Some team out there will have to change everything, and teams will have to continue to adjust until this run ends. The NBA world will all be scrambling to make something like this happen because until something drastic changes they will all be their mercy.

To conclude here, there is one other thing that could end this run. Klay Thompson could change his mind about leaving 50 million dollars on the table and sign elsewhere. Kevin Durant could get sick and tired of the criticisms and want to prove he can be the guy and win somewhere else. This run could end from within because if you take one of those guys off this team you have yourself a beatable team. Yet as currently constructed? Good luck with that.


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