FPC Raiders Roundtable: The Gruden Method

Oakland Raiders TE Jared Cook
Oakland Raiders' Jared Cook (87) gestures after running for a first down in the first quarter of their NFL game against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. (Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)

For years, the Raiders suffered through lackluster coaching and the results matched the sideline. Now, Jon Gruden takes the reins and the time to see how this pans out starts immediately. FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Chris Simmons discuss the state of coaching the Oakland Raiders.


In the modern NFL, how will Gruden’s approach to coaching go over?


Gruden and his staff are stressing the importance of attention to detail — the little things. It seemed the coaching staff last season was grand-scheme style and when the little cracks in the foundation occurred, they could not repair it, and the dam broke.

The ability to go back to basics and rely on sound fundamentals is underrated. Gruden’s may prove the previous coaching staff was supremely overrated.



It is hard to specifically say struggle but as always the RT spot. We are not sure what the blocking scheme will look like but if either Miller or Parker end up starting then you can expect some growing pains. Having said that it also would not surprise me if these players end up finishing the season stronger than when they started.


What key player do you believe will struggle under Gruden and why?



I think the notion that Gruden is some kind of football czar is a bit off base. He clearly loves football and knows ALOT, something I do not think the previous staff could exactly claim. With that in mind to me, it would seem like that level of commitment and experience mixed with his personality could be infectious. By all accounts, the team is gelling with his personality, with the only unknown being Khalil Mack.


Jared Cook. Gruden relies on tight ends to be superior blockers and the veteran is only adequate on that area. In that case, Cook could falter.

If Gruden has not turned a corner on how he deploys tight ends — they were, in-line blockers for majority of his head-coaching career — Cook’s usage rate in the passing game will dwindle compared to Lee Smith snaps since the latter is the supreme blocker on the roster.



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