On Friday night, a rumor went around the Twitterverse that there was going to be some big news coming out of New England. Shortly after that, everyone was talking about Rob Gronkowski and to be more specific; Rob Gronkowski being traded.

Throughout the weekend the rumors have peaked and dipped back down again, Gronk himself has trashed the rumors as, “fake news” but as the old saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. Depending on who you listen to (or follow), Gronkowski is on the verge of moving to half the league.

It’s all probably complete rubbish and mischief making, but it doesn’t seem completely rosy in New England’s garden.

It all sounds like it won’t happen and it probably won’t, but there is an element of doubt. Could this actually happen if a team made a good enough offer?

So what I’m asking is, should the Chargers capitalise this unrest and trade for Rob Gronkowski? Well, here’s some reasons why the Bolts should at least consider it.


The loss of Hunter Henry


As we all know, Hunter Henry is out for the year and the Chargers are currently assessing their options for replacing the TE1. What better way to fill the team’s Tight End 1 by acquiring the league’s Tight End 1?

The options out there in the free agency market aren’t going to get close to replacing Henry’s production whereas Gronkowski would exceed it. Also, Gronk probably isn’t going to play for more than 2 more years,- so even if this is a 1 or 2 year rental, that’s fine because then Henry comes back and will be healthy. Imagine 2019 if the team had both…


The Bolts should be in “win now” mode


The Chargers are a trendy pick amongst the media as one of the best teams in the league, with many tipping them to win the AFC West. The hype train is already gathering pace, so imagine if Los Angeles made a huge move to get one of the league’s biggest stars? The roster is already up there amongst the best in the league, it has balance on both sides of the ball with blue chip talent throughout.

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Philip Rivers is 36 and doesn’t have too many years left and once he does hang ‘em up the chances of a Superbowl reduce until another top QB is found, or developed. The team needs to go all in, surround him with talent and go for it all.


Gronk catching TD’s from Philip Rivers would just be awesome


Can anyone disagree with that? Imagine the offense with Gronkowski, Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Mike Williams and Melvin Gordon all catching balls from Rivers behind a solid O-line. Oh, and it still may not be the better side of the ball for the Bolts… think about that.


The Chargers need to make a splash in the L.A. market


At the moment, the Chargers are undoubtedly the number two team in L.A. when it comes to football. I don’t want it to be the case but sadly it is. The Rams probably have the better roster, they made the playoffs last year and made some big splashes in the trade and free agency markets this off season.

The Chargers need to fight back in the fight for L.A.. Los Angeles sports fans want to see big names and overall, just want to win. If the Charges don’t want to play second fiddle to their future landlords forever, they need winning seasons, deep playoff runs and Superbowls; three things Rob Gronkowski has plenty of experience in.


Obviously, this isn’t Madden and it would be completely out of character for Tom Telesco but can you tell me that you read that and didn’t get at least a little bit excited at the thought of Gronk in a lightning bolt?

Look, I don’t think it’ll happen for a second, but it’s the off-season and we’ve got to have our fun! Rob Gronkowski in L.A. would be so much fun!

– Lee Wakefield is a Staff Writer for Full Press Coverage Sports Media.  He covers the Los Angeles Chargers.  Follow him on Twitter @Wakefield90 

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