The Dallas Cowboys and All-Pro guard Zack Martin made history today when they agreed on a record-breaking deal. According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, it is a six-year extension, making the total deal seven years and $93.41 million with $40 million guaranteed.

It is interesting to note that the structure of the deal actually nets the Cowboys $3 million in cap space for 2018, we will touch on that in a second. Martin is worth every penny of this contract and it was really never a question of if Dallas was going to pay him, but when. That when is now, and both sides have reason to celebrate. On one hand, by locking up the best guard in football, the Cowboys now have arguably the best left tackle, center and guard under contract until 2023 in Tyron Smith Travis Frederick and Martin respectively. On the other hand, Martin takes home a guaranteed $40 million, a record-breaking number for a guard.

Martin has never missed a game in his NFL career, starting a possible 64 out of 64 games. He has also made the All-Pro Team all four years of his career, earning first-team honors in 2014 and 2016 and second team honors in 2015 and 2017.

If you’re into the Pro Football Focus angle, Martin grades out extremely well there as well.

While $40 million is a huge number to guarentee a guard, Martin may end up being slightly underpaid by 2020 if current trends continue. But back to the structure of the deal. It is no real surprise that this deal allowed Dallas to gain additional cap space in 2018. The real question is do they have any intention of using it?

There is a certain safety up in Seattle that recently announced he would be holding out until he receives a new deal. Widely speculated to be interested all offseason, does Dallas, and more importantly Seattle/ Earl Thomas, finally roll their sleeves up and get this deal done?

The $3 million in cap savings Dallas gained in the Martin deal should push the team to near $15 million under the salary cap. An extention for Thomas in the $11-12 million per year range is now comfortably possible.

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