Saints Bring In Jamaal Charles And Terrance West To Showcase Their Talents


On Tuesday, News broke about Running Backs Jamaal Charles and Terrance West visiting the Saints practice facility for a workout. The speculation that Sean Peyton and Company were looking to recreate Mark Ingram’s presence during his 4 game suspension soon became reality. Now many Saints fans are wondering if one of the two will make the 52 man roster.

What We Know So Far.

In May, Saints fans received some pretty unsettling news. The NFL slapped a four game suspension on Ingram for a violation of the leagues PED policy causing a mini panic on Saints Social Media and forums across the nation. Most looked at this as a possible revert to the pass attack led by Quarterback Drew Brees. Others argued that the team would see an immediate usage of the Saints 27th pick in Round 6, Boston Scott. Now the tides have shifted and if Sean Peyton is serious about bringing on a Veteran back in 2018, the candidates are now here ready to showcase their talents

Charles Has Proven Himself In Years Past.

In 2008, Charles was selected in the third round by the Kansas City Chiefs and began his career. He has had five 1000 plus rushing yard seasons with an impressive career total of 7,556 rushing yards. You’re probably thinking, WHAT A MONSTER!! Sadly Charles has been bitten by the injury bug more than a few times. This is the only true worry coaches and teams have when dealing with him. In 2017 Kansas City moved on to Rookie Running Back Kareem Hunt which in turn sent Charles to Denver to play in a new system led by Vance Joseph. It would be great to see Charles get back to his roots this season. Especially in Black and Gold.

West’s Toughness Is His Strength.

West hasn’t had quite the amazing career as the man mentioned before him but he also hasn’t had the tenure. West came into the league as a Cleveland Brown in round three of the 2014 NFL Draft out of Towson. Scouts said his biggest weaknesses were speed, and ball handling. On the positive side he can blast through a defense and take a beating on the gridiron. Throughout the seasons he has shown that these things are a true worry when dealing with him as a lead runner. After being traded to the Titans and playing for the Ravens for the past three years, West is ready to find a new home. His best career season was in 2016 where he had a career high 774 rushing yards.

Although Ingram will be returning after four games it will be nice to add some veteran depth to the roster. Whoever gets the nod will be placed on a great team with excellent young talent surrounding it and that alone can be the boost a player needs to unleash true grit.

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