Collin Sexton

Point Guard


6’1 183 pounds

Wingspan: 6’7 (NBA Combine)

1/4/99 (Freshman)

Big Board Ranking: 11 OVR, 3 GUARD


From Marietta, Georgia, Collin Sexton had high expectations coming into college as a prized and valuable five-star recruit coming out of high school. Sexton’s resume was extensive going into college. He was the FIBA U17 World Cup MVP, he was selected to the Jordan Brand Classic, and the McDonald’s All-American Game, where he won the Slam Dunk Contest.

While playing at Pebblebrook High School, Sexton averaged 23 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game. As the number six recruit in the nation, Sexton committed to Alabama in the Fall of 2016, boosting the Crimson Tides recruiting class among the best in the country. He has drawn comparisons from most basketball fans as the next Russell Westbrook, and these comparisons, once one has watched film of Collin Sexton are scarily accurate in terms of their ferocious style of play.


Sexton plays with a motor that is constantly going at full speed, almost identical to the likes of Russell Westbrook. Sexton is a slasher, who attacks very well off the dribble, and gets into the lane with relative ease. Even though he is right-handed, Sexton can finish fairly well with either hand. Sexton is a strong finisher, whose strength is very underrated for his size. Sexton’s quickness allows him to take defenders off of the dribble or off the catch if needed. Sexton has Westbrook levels of vision as far as driving deep into the lane and kicking to the open man once the defense collapses.

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Sexton has a tendency to get lost in pick and roll coverage and will be switched onto a bigger man. Even he has the competitive drive to try to hold a bigger man, he will be overpowered due to his size. Sexton’s shooting from beyond the three-point line at Alabama was below average, shooting at 33.6 percent, and with the way the game is changing, if one cannot shoot three’s no matter the position, they are a liability on the court on the offensive end. In some games after missed baskets by opponents, he tends to not get back on offense when he does not have the ball to run certain actions and plays. Coaches can’t coach effort on the defensive end, so Sexton will have to work on that aspect of his game to be able to stay on the court for elongated periods of time.

Best NBA Fits

Charlotte Hornets

With rumors swirling around during the season of the Hornets trading Kemba Walker, there would not be an extreme amount of surprise if Charlotte was to draft Sexton with their eleventh pick to be a viable backup for Walker and Michael Carter Williams, or to thrust him into the spotlight immediately and start a competition for the starting spot with Michael Carter Williams. Sexton would be a catalyst for a Hornets team that sometimes lacks aggression at times, and would have an explosive young backcourt pairing with Malik Monk. This team could possibly be in contention for a low seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Assuming the departure of LeBron James, the Cavaliers will need another player to run the point and command the attention coming down the floor on the offensive end. Although he is obviously not at the level that LeBron is at commanding attention, Sexton will apply pressure on opposing defenses in the way that Russell Westbrook does in terms of pushing the tempo on made and missed baskets, as well as turnovers. Sexton is a fast break scoring machine, and in today’s league, fast break points can sometimes determine the outcome of games.

Orlando Magic

Simply put, the Orlando Magic lack significant playmakers, and then here comes Collin Sexton. A playmaker who can get everybody involved at any time with his ability to drive and kick, and run the floor on the break. The Magic need scoring and enormous amounts of help almost more than any other team in the league. Even with the addition of Sexton, it doesn’t make the Magic an immediate playoff team, but it is a start.

Overview (by Ben Pfeifer)

Sexton is a fiery competitive, ultra quick guard who is tough defensively and has a solid offensive game. He could be a star point guard in the NBA if he improves his jumper and his playmaking a bit.

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