If you look at the coaching staff assembled, you will see a few familiar faces, combined with new ones. Yet, they all have the same goal. In less than three months, they must guide, mold, shape, and construct a quality roster from the talent assembled. Jon Gruden’s meticulous nature demands excellence from his staff. The Raiders will hopefully see dividends early. Here are a few tasks that selected assistants need to accomplish this summer and beyond.

Edgar Bennett, Receivers

For Bennett, the longtime member of the Packer organization, he needs to break down Amari Cooper’s game to the bare bones and rebuild. Blessed with lead receiver talent, Cooper suffers from focus drops. While no wideout will catch every pass, Cooper must reel in the easy ones and convert the tougher ones. Granted, 2017 saw Cooper injured throughout the season. However, hearing from a coach with Bennett’s credentials should give Cooper a leg up this season. Remember, Bennett served many roles within the Green Bay offense.


Jemal Singleton, Running Backs

In Singleton, the Raiders will trust him to design a quality backfield. Outside of Marshawn Lynch, the RB group remains a mystery and remains filled with question marks. Under Singleton, Doug Martin must recapture some of his early decisive running. When sharp, Martin brings a slash to the offense, capable of the holy grail of rung the ball: chunk yardage. Serving as Lynch’s backup, Martin should see quality carries.

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Marco Coleman, Assistant Defensive Line

While Mike Trgovac runs the defensive line, 14-year NFL veteran Coleman will assist. Where Coleman should raise eyebrows is in mentoring Arden Key and Fadol Brown. With Key garnering the attention, Brown draws raves from coaches. In that case, Coleman must teach both technical tweaks and improve their rush repertoire. Anyone that plays the Raiders knows where Khalil Mack lurks. Coleman’s task is to get Brown and Key up to speed, in a hurry.


Overall, Jon Gruden looks to have complied a quality staff. The Raiders need the assistant to implement the schemes and drive this team in the right direction. We all remember Rod Woodson’s ugly Oakland exit and the mess following. Successful football teams excel without drama from the assistants.


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