In traditional redraft fantasy football, there are core positions and secondary positions. Quarterback, running back and wide receiver are the core positions. If you draft well at the core spots you should have a good shot at making your leagues playoffs. If your draft went “Meh”  or the injury bug bites your team, you need to make up points to be competitive. A tight end with a good matchup can do that. You’ll notice when you sit down and start ranking tight ends for fantasy a few things jump out at you.

Ranking Tight Ends for Fantasy

Especially in PPR leagues, your tight end offers a chance for you to swing the point meter back in your favor. Getting a tight end that will be targeted by his offense is the key. Without opportunity, no amount of talent will help. You want that opportunity to happen where it can maximize the number of points for you. Always look at the matchup. If you are streaming tight ends then match-ups are the key to your good fortune.

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In Conclusion

Core position or not, tight ends can be an integral part of winning your league. If you can grab one of the top players at the position or trade for one of them great! If you didn’t or can’t then all is not lost. It’s all about playing the match-ups and finding the best pieces each week to fit your team.

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