Grayson Smith (@Gray_Smith_FPC) gives us his way too early rookie of the year candidates for next season.

Deandre Ayton

The number one pick in the draft pretty much has to be on this list. Ayton is
coming into a young team in Phoenix alongside Devin Booker, Josh Jackson,
and Elfrid Payton. Ayton will be able to make an immediate impact due to his
size, quickness, and skill set. He is the clear-cut favorite to win Rookie of the
Year regardless of where the other players in the draft fall.

Marvin Bagley III

The offensive upside of Bagley is one of the few things that has him on this
list. His length, lateral quickness and, overall athleticism will be able to give
himself quality minutes, and a possible starting spot with the Sacramento
Kings to help round out their young core with a mix of savvy veteran

Luka Doncic

Being heralded as not only one of the best players in this draft despite his
age, but being labeled one of the best European players since Dirk Nowitzki,
Doncic landed in a perfect situation with Dallas. He will be heavily mentored
by Dirk, who can help him translate his European style much more fluidly
into the NBA than any other team could. His scoring ability is one of the best
in this years’ rookie class and should have no problem fitting in right away.

Collin Sexton

No matter where Collin Sexton landed, he was bound to end up on this list.
It just so happened that he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. This
adds an extra layer of competitiveness that Cleveland absolutely lacked
outside of LeBron James. He can bolster their backcourt when it comes to
playmaking ability, and even might be enticing enough to make LeBron
James thinks about staying in Cleveland.

Jevon Carter

Coming out of the Big 12, Jevon Carter is the perfect fit for Memphis’ self-titled
“Grit and Grind” moniker. Carter was the 2018 Naismith Defensive
Player of the Year and he will have no problem translating his physical style
of play over into the NBA. Although Memphis was on the decline this past
season, Carter brings the immediate toughness and the defensive stalwart
that Memphis needed to hopefully start their rebuild.

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