With the 2018 NFL season closing in upon us and minicamps and OTAs over with, the “Final Cut” camp will begin soon. The Full Press Jets got together and talked about that and the upcoming 2018 season. Joining the FPC Jets is Anthony Talarico, and we get him in on his first roundtable to weigh-in on some trending and possibly soon hot topics. So like always if you disagree or agree to feel free to reply to this article or tweet FPC Jets.

Featured contributors to this roundtable:

Kyle Hirshkind: Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Jets 

James Cunningham: Staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets 

Alessandro Senatore: Staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets 

Brian Cunningham: Staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets 

Anthony Talarico: Staff writer for Full Press Coverage Jets 

Q1) Looking at the schedule, do you see any games in which the Jets could blow out the opposing team? Which games will the Jets have to fight hard for the win? Which games will the Jets lose or get blown-out?

Alessandro: I think for the most part the Jets will be solid and will more than likely have to fight for most of their games due in part to the upgrades each team collected this offseason.  A few games the Jets will surely blow out is the Browns games and both Dolphins games, these two times got the pieces but now have to mush them into one cohesive unit and that is tough to do when they are all used to being the superstar.  Packers, Texans, and Vikings.  These three games will be the loss but a close one thanks in part to a new defense.

Kyle: I think the Jets will have much more of a high powered offense this year. Two games in which they could blow out the opposing team would be Week 3 against the Browns and Week 10 against the Bills. Close games will be against Denver and Indy respectively in Week 5 and 6. And if the Jets were to get blown out at all this year, I think the Patriots, Vikings, and Packers all have the potential to do that.

Brian: Jets could very well get blown out when they travel to Jacksonville. Yes, the Jets beat them last year but that Jaguar team is completely different from early last season. Scary good defense and the excellent running game could spell trouble for Jets. The Jets will blow out the Dolphins and Bills once. Two home divisional games, in a meaningful playoff race. Expect the Jets to show out against two divisional opponents who they match up nicely against. They will play tight games with Denver at home and Chicago on the road. Jets never play good against Denver and always seem to lose tight games to them. Chicago is an evenly matched opponent who got a lot better in the offseason, that will be a tough road game.

James: I think the Jets could be blown out by the Jaguars and the Vikings. The Jaguars and Vikings’ defenses will torture whatever quarterback is on the field. Sophomore running backs Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook will cause problems as well. As for close games, I think the Jets and the Bears are in for a very competitive game. The two teams are very evenly matched, and two young quarterbacks will be battling it out. I think the Jets will easily blow out the Bills. Whatever quarterback that takes the field for Buffalo will be tormented by New Jack City.

Anthony: As far as games the Jets will convincingly win, I think that is tough to judge without knowing who is starting at QB and how the defense will mesh. If I had to put my money on a few teams, however, I’d think New York has better odds against the Colts, in Week 6, and the Bears, in Week 8. Games that will come to the wire are almost always divisional rivals for the Jets. Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots equally have my vote. Toughest games on their schedule are on the road against the Jaguars, home against the Vikings (where they’ll see Kirk Cousins in purple), and likely a Texans team later in the year if they stay healthy.

Q2) Which Jets player will have a breakout year?

Alessandro: The Obvious answer is Jamal Adams but I am going with Nathan Sheperd the draft pick.  Now I am saying the Jamal Adams will have a breakout year but I want to pick someone less obvious and with leaders like Leonard William and Mike Pennel Sheperd can help the front and replace Mo Wilkerson and have a breakout quietly.

Kyle: I would put my money on Marcus Maye being one of the top breakout performers for the Jets this year. His rookie campaign was phenomenal, and I think he’ll quietly boost his Madden rating with a flurry of successful outings this year.

Brian: The breakout player will obviously be Jamal Adams, a superstar in the making. But, here is a sleeper for breakout player: Isaiah Crowell. Crowell has shown flashes of being a great physical back in the NFL. The Jets will lean heavily on him in establishing a run game and I think he will deliver. Crowell could emerge on the scene this year after departing from Cleveland.

James: I believe Darron Lee is a great breakout candidate for the upcoming season. He has been given the role of calling plays over Avery Williamson. With Demario Davis out, Lee will be in store for a huge season. I predict Lee to end the season with 100+ tackles and 3 interceptions.

Anthony: Breakout player of the year: Parry Nickerson.  I think Nickerson has a great shot at winning the slot corner job over Buster Skrine. His ball skills, speed, and toughness will make him a standout. With most of the attention on Trumaine Johnson and Morris Claiborne out wide, I believe the Tulane product will perform without as much pressure on his play.

Q3) Which Jets player will have another great year/better year?

Alessandro: Morris Claiborne.  Stay with me here.  Claiborne came to us via the Cowboys and had a breakout year again.  Having started in 15 games and had not done that since his draft in 2012 where he racked up a combined 55 tackles and 8 knock-aways with one interception Claiborne came to the Jets last season started in 15 games, racked up 43 combined tackles and 8 knocked away with one interception.  He has not done that for the Cowboys the rest of the time he was there and I think he found his groove and is looking for another great year.

Kyle: I do believe a former star will once again shine – Terrelle Pryor Sr. I believe he’ll get a good amount of looks on offense, if healthy. He won’t post the crazy numbers like he did in Cleveland two years ago, but he’ll certainly outperform his one-year stint with the Redskins.

Brian: Robby Anderson will have another great year. Robby Anderson was the greatest deep threat in football last year. He makes plays left and right and I expect him to do more of the same this year. With Quincy Enunwa coming back it only takes more pressure of Robby. Expect big things from a big player.

James: I think Leonard Williams will return for another excellent year. He was among the best of the league when it came to getting to the quarterback. He ranked second in quarterback hits by interior defenders in 2017. In 2018, he will turn that into sacks with more help from Henry Anderson and Nathan Shepherd. Expect another Pro Bowl-caliber season from Big Cat in 2018.

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Anthony: Returning star: This is a cop-out answer I suppose, but Trumaine Johnson was a star with the Rams and he’ll continue to be one under Todd Bowles. The Jets will be able to utilize his size and high-IQ in their varying defensive schemes. Look for a Pro Bowl caliber season out of Johnson.

Q4) Who will be the Jets Rookie of the Year?

Alessandro: As much as I like to be on the Sam Darnold hype train, I am not.  I do believe he will be thrown into the games and we will see how that fairs but he won’t be on the field long enough to claim ROTY honors which I think will go to either Perry Nickerson or Nathan Sheperd.  Both are looking good and with spots in the defense open to them to start more than a few games, they can showcase why they should be ROTY.

Kyle: Hard not to go with Sam Darnold here, but we still don’t know how much he’ll play. If it’s not him, it’ll be Parry Nickerson as the Jets’ ROTY. I think he’ll see action once Buster Skrine slips up again, and with his immense talent, he’ll widen eyes in his rookie year.

Brian: Jets ROTY will be Sam Darnold. Personally, I expect to see Sam Darnold enter game action around week 6 and lead the Jets to the playoffs. In the meantime, he will put up great numbers, win several big games, and put his name into NFL ROY contention.

James: Jets ROTY is a no-brainer for me. Sam Darnold is the clear-cut choice, because who else? Darnold will take over early into the season and will have played well enough to keep the Jets involved in playoff talks. I expect Darnold to take over by week 5 and post 2000+ passing yards and 15+ touchdowns. A dark horse candidate would be Chris Herndon if he stays healthy and out of trouble.

Anthony: ROTY: Sam Darnold.  As high as I am on Nickerson, I believe the Jets won’t keep the USC draftee under wraps for long. If not Week 1, he’ll be able to showcase his abilities early. As impressive as he’s been in camp, Darnold will surprise teams with his poise, arm strength, and ability to create plays.

Q5) Will the Jets’ Offense or Defense be better this year?

Alessandro: The defense has improved a ton this past offseason thanks in part to Free Agency.  The additions of Trumaine Johnson, Avery Williamson, Kevin Piere-Paul and J.J. Willcox will help areas the Jets have struggled with and been burned a lot.  Johnson will add a length of the field, Williamson will add toughness and run stop to the front KPP and Willcox will be run in sub packages so when they are on they can either run the length or snuff out the run.

Kyle: The defense should improve a ton this year, especially compared to last year. The addition of Trumaine Johnson slated next to the growing potential of Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye should allow the Jets to protect the pass at a much higher rate in relation to 2017. Excited to see this defense at work.

Brian: The defense will be better than the offense this year. The Defense just has more talent than the offense. The secondary is very good, featuring Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne and more. I like Williamson and Williams in the front 7. There is a lot of potential with that defense.

James: The Jets defense is in for a better year than the offense. New Jack City is looking even better than last year with the addition of Trumaine Johnson, and Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye will only get better. Leonard Williams is due for another great season as well. Avery Williamson and Darron Lee will fill the void left by Demario Davis. This defense is incredibly underrated, and I think it can be one of the top defenses in the league.

Anthony: Defense wins championships. Todd Bowles, a defensive-minded coach, wouldn’t have that any other way. The talent, in the secondary alone, should be enough to make opposing quarterbacks second-guess throwing the ball downfield. A few under the radar signings, in Upshaw and Anderson, will contribute on the line and bolster a young unit, centered around Leonard Williams. This defense is the best, on paper, that it’s been in years.

Q6) Which Jets quarterback will realistically start Week 1?

Alessandro: Uncle Josh will be Week 1 starter 100%.  He is proven, he is tough and he has found the fountain of youth.  Last season before going down, McCown was slinging the ball around like he was 20 something again, be broke records of the Jets and before his departure due to a broken hand during the Denver game, his stats kept company with the like of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.  He will start but Bridgewater will help out midway and be depending on where the Jets are the young gun Darnold will probably finish them off.

Kyle: Realistically, McCown will be the Week 1 starter. He knows the offense and proved his worth last year. While he does have some intense competition, I think he’ll be the frontrunner the whole way.

Brian: Teddy Bridgewater should realistically start week 1. He offers the highest ceiling between him or McCown. But Josh McCown will start week 1. He put up good numbers with the Jets last year, has great command of the locker room and knows the playbook inside and out.

James: I think Teddy Bridgewater will be the week one starter for the Jets. He gives the team the best shot to win games as of now and should be the starter. However, I think Sam Darnold will not have to wait long for his chance. Expect him to play well before the trade deadline.

Anthony: Week 1 starter: Josh McCown.  The veteran puts together an impressive campaign last season in New York. With no real rush to start Darnold yet, the Jets can be smart about his progression. I believe Bridgewater has a real shot here, but I find myself comfortable differing to McCown. Likely, the Jets will too.

Q7) Who will be the Jets’ number one wide receiver?

Alessandro: Robby Anderson all the way. The speedster had a breakout year last season and would have broken a 1000 yards if Petty helped out.  Anderson may have a maturity problem that seems to be going away but if he can stay out of trouble then he is a for sure #1 WR.

Kyle: I believe Robby Anderson will retain his spot as the No. 1 receiver. McCown’s connection with him is spot on, and I think the Jets know what they have in the speedy, deep ball threat.

Brian: The Jets #1 receiver will be Robby Anderson. This is because I am guessing Enunwa will be listed as the #3 receiver inside the slot and occasionally lining up as a tight end. Expect to see Robby as the 1 and Kearse as the 2 on the outsides with Enunwa as the 3 in the slot and Pryor mixing in.

James: Robby Anderson will be the Jets number one receiver. He earned his spot by nearing a 1,000-yard season last year, and if it weren’t for Bryce Petty, he would’ve made the mark. His speed makes him such a threat on the outside, and his route running has improved since last season. Quincy Enunwa will be a close second while playing the slot.

Anthony: Number #1 Receiver: Terrelle Pryor.  This may come as a surprise but I think Pryor has shown flashes of brilliance, especially eclipsing 1000 yards in a horrendous Cleveland offense. Yes, he needs to get healthy. Yes, he needs to work his way up the depth chart. However, his size and speed alone scream number-one receiver. If Pryor can play a minimum of 13 games, at full-health, I think he’ll have his best season yet.

Do you agree with our analysts?  Who did you agree with and who did you not agree with and as always please tell us what you think.

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